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CategoryNameSell PriceQuantity on HandFlower TypeBrandStrainTHC %CBD %
MarijuanaCapsule Indica, 10mg -Phoenix$5.0025IndicaPhoenixMixed10000
MarijuanaDark Chocolate 10pk, 100 mg CBD -Phoenix$40.003PhoenixRemedy1001000
MarijuanaDark Chocolate Espresso, 10mg THC -Phoenix$4.001PhoenixBlue Dream9000
MarijuanaMilk Chocolate, 10mg THC -Phoenix$4.002HybridPhoenixMixed10000
MarijuanaWhite Chocolate with Peppermint, 10mg THC -Phoenix$4.001PhoenixDutch Treat9000
Paraphernaliapeanut Pipe$5.0013
ParaphernaliaOG Chillum$8.0010
ParaphernaliaMicro Mini Bubbler, pipe$48.001
Paraphernalia3 Peaks Rolling Paper$1.008
Paraphernalia3 Peaks Paper (King Size)$2.0043
ParaphernaliaRaw Rolling Paper$2.0052
ParaphernaliaRaw Rolling Machine$8.005
ParaphernaliaBlack Sheep Quartz Dab Rig$43.002
Paraphernalia420 Cleaner$10.005
Marijuanadutch treat 3.5g$30.009Indica Hybrid(Tac) Dutch Treat26.070
MarijuanaOG Kush, .75g. joint -Cedar Creek$7.001IndicaO.G. Kush20.770
Paraphernaliasilicone pipe$14.0037
Paraphernaliasilicone bong$45.003Peacemaker
MarijuanaBlue Dream 1g, Artizen$12.0010HybridArtizenBlue Dream18.50.1
MarijuanaBlue Dream 3.5g, Artizen$38.004HybridArtizenBlue Dream17.410.07
MarijuanadutchBerry 1g$12.0014Sativa HybridArtizenDutch Berry19.520.07
MarijuanaGrape Ape 1g, Artizen$12.004IndicaArtizenGrape Ape25.760.1
ParaphernaliaGlass Accessories$5.005
Paraphernaliadomeless nail titanium/ceramic$15.001Torpedo
Paraphernaliaatlas battery w/ charger-purple$15.001Vuber
Paraphernaliaatlas top- blue$15.007Vuber
Paraphernaliaatlas top- silver$15.002Vuber
Paraphernaliasmoke buddy, small$20.001Sunny
Paraphernaliacarb caps, dab$17.005Sunny
Paraphernaliacig pipe$3.0048
Paraphernaliatitanium nail, dab$35.001
Paraphernaliasharpstone grinder$30.001
MarijuanaApple Pebbles, 10mg THC -MK$5.001HybridKNMixed9000
MarijuanaStrawberry Lemonade Cannibis Quencher, 30mg THC/30mg CBD -Evergreen Herbal $18.002Cannabis QuencherMixed161.98200
MarijuanaAk 47 3.5g, Phoenix$20.001PhoenixAk 4722.30
Paraphernalialiquid rig$20.002
Paraphernaliamed carb caps clear$15.004
Marijuana Sunset Sherbet, 500mg Cartridge -Evergreen$15.002Indica HybridEvergreenSunset Sherbert781
MarijuanaPink Cookies, 500mg Cartridge -Evergreen$15.002EvergreenPink Cookies68.80
ParaphernaliaLong Steemed Banger with Colored Nail$20.001
ParaphernaliaGlass Straw$20.002
MarijuanaMuscle Melt -Ethos$25.001EthosMixed00
MarijuanaBody Butter 300mg -Honu$25.002HybridHonuFrankenstein455.31500
MarijuanaFrozen Heat THC 180mg -Honu$45.0040HybridHonuMixed2300100
MarijuanaDutch Treat 1g, sunshine farms$10.0025Sativa HybridSunshine(Tac) Dutch Treat26.370
Paraphernaliaassorted glass pipes$12.009
MarijuanaRomulan, 1g, -Triple Crown$10.001IndicaTriple CrownRomulan18.470.07
MarijuanaKief coins -SB$18.001Sticky BudzMixed21.880
Marijuanabutterscotch 10pk, 100mg THC -MK$18.002Hybridmagic kitchenMixed10000
MarijuanaCBD capsules 100mg CBD -NWCS$35.001Cherries Jubilee15001000
MarijuanaWhite Fire Alien OG .5g Wickless Cartridge -Craft Elixirs$18.003HybridCraft ElixirsWhite Fire Alien Og82.420.5
MarijuanaDurban Poison .5g cartridge -Optimum$25.004HybridDurban Poison82.592.4
MarijuanaSkywalker OG, .5g cartridge -Optimum$25.002Indica HybridSkywalker Og78.910.46
MarijuanaEthos Serum Indica -Ethos$48.007IndicaEthos InnovatesMixed74.759.1
MarijuanaEthos Serum Sativa -Ethos$35.008SativaEthos InnovatesMixed85.5817.21
MarijuanaBody butter 1 oz -Honu$10.007HonuMixed189.090
Marijuanabody butter 10g puck -Honu$8.0028HonuMixed51000
Marijuanaface cream -Honu$10.0016HybridHonuGod's Gift157.62100
Marijuanafrozen heat ** -Honu$45.002Mixed467.8500
Marijuanafrozen heat 1oz -Honu$10.007HybridHonuMixed150.820
Marijuanatoasted hippie lotion 10g puck -Honu$8.0030HonuMixed23000
Marijuanatoasted hippie 1oz -Honu$10.0016Shangri La Og6400100
Marijuanatoasted hippie massage oil -Honu$15.008HonuGod's Gift167.270
MarijuanaSpa Salts, oatmeal milk and honey -Honu$10.007HonuGod's Gift4500500
Marijuanaspa salts, toasted Hippie -Honu$10.0016HonuGod's Gift4500500
Marijuanaspa salts, toasted hippie * -Honu$15.008HonuGod's Gift4500500
MarijuanaLemon Ginger Legal Soda, 80mg THC -Mirth$20.002Legal BeveragesMixed9000
MarijuanaPomegranate Legal Soda, 80mg THC -Mirth$20.001Legal BeveragesMixed9000
MarijuanaWhite River Mint spray 100mg THC -Mirth$20.003Legal BeveragesMixed9000
Paraphernaliabrass screens$1.0056
Paraphernaliaglass spoon$15.001
Paraphernaliasm plastic grinder$5.001
Paraphernaliahemp wick bulk per foot$0.50352
ParaphernaliaVuber- Atlas solo kit$35.001
ParaphernaliaVuber- Atlas Globe top$16.002
MarijuanaSour Grape .5g Cartridge -Jackpot Seaweed$20.001Hybridliberty reachSour Grape57.370
MarijuanaPitbull, 1g CO2 -M &M$30.001SativaMixed86.20.9
Paraphernaliaraw cones$3.0010raw
MarijuanaGorilla Glue pen kit .5g CO2 -EGE$50.003Indica HybridEGEGorilla Glue #494.170.52
MarijuanaSkywalker, .5g cartridge pen kit -EGE$60.001Indica HybridEGESkywalker93.140.28
MarijuanaSour Diesel, .5g cartridge pen kit -EGE$60.007EGESugar Baby90.080.32
Marijuanathin mint, .5g cartridge pen kit -EGE$60.0013Sativa HybridEGEThin Mint Gsc92.180.36
MarijuanaOriginal Tommy Gun, .7g pre-roll -Prohibition, $15.001Mixed47.470.65
Paraphernaliacrystals, spoon pipe$15.0011
Paraphernaliacolored spoon pipe$20.005
Paraphernaliapeacemaker cap$3.0041
Paraphernaliapeacemaker bowl piece$3.0082
MarijuanaPurple Urkle 1g, Wa Grower$10.001HybridPurple Urkle20.240.31
MarijuanaWhite Gold 3.5g, Wa Grower$45.001Mixed18.570
Marijuanapurple trainwreck 1g, - DD$12.001HybridDouble DeliciousPurple Trainwreck16.70.19
MarijuanaOG kush 1g, - DD$12.001HybridDouble DeliciousOg20.030.29
MarijuanaGorilla Glue 1g -sunshine farms$12.002HybridSunshine Farming(C) Gorilla Glue25.480.35
MarijuanaTangerine Dream 3.5g -Jr's Legacy$25.003HybridJr's LegacyJr's Tangerine Dream18.390.68
ParaphernaliaTight Vac lg$15.001Tight Vac
Marijuanamachine gun, orange -PB$12.001Mixed39.330.11
Marijuanagods gift 3.5g, sunshine$40.002(O) God's Gift21.760.14
Marijuanagods gift 1g, sunshine$12.001Indica(O) God's Gift21.760.14
Marijuanagrape ape 3.5g, artizen cannabis$38.0010Grape Ape21.140.1
Paraphernalia510 battery$10.0047
Paraphernaliapen charger$2.0071
Paraphernaliatight vac grinder$12.004
Marijuanablueberry kush 1g -Kettle River$5.001kettle riverBlueberry Kush14.610.19
MarijuanaKN Marmas - Peach - 10 PK$25.002Cherries Jubilee10000
MarijuanaMarmas, Sour Raspberry 10 PK 100mg- -MK$25.001Magic KithcenOmega Dawg9000
MarijuanaKN Marmas - Lemon - 10 PK$25.002Mixed10000
Paraphernaliaflip battery$45.008
Paraphernaliacrystals bubbler$35.002
MarijuanaAllen Wrench .5gm cartridge -Artizen$35.001SativaArtizenAllen Wrench79.770.21
MarijuanaGrape Ape 1gm -Artizen$12.002Indica HybridArtizenGalactic Glue23.960.06
Marijuanadutch treat 7g -Sunshine Farming$65.0010Sunshine Farming(Tac) Dutch Treat26.691.68
Marijuanadutch treat 28g, sunshine$250.001(Tac) Dutch Treat26.691.68
MarijuanaBlue Dream .5g. cartridge -Jackpot Seaweed$25.001SativaBmf WashingtonMixed52.980
MarijuanaStar Dawg 1gm -Artizen$12.0023Sativa HybridArtizenStar Dawg21.340.05
MarijuanaGorilla Glue- 1g. sugar- Sunshine$20.004IndicaSunshine FarmingMixed66.793.92
MarijuanaHigher Root Beer -Loaded Soda$21.0023IndicaLoadedLoaded Soda56000
MarijuanaOrange Kush -Loaded Soda$21.0021IndicaLoadedLoaded Soda56000
MarijuanaDr. Feelzgood -Loaded Soda$21.0022IndicaLoadedLoaded Soda56000
MarijuanaToca Cola -Loaded Soda$21.0023IndicaLoadedLoaded Soda56000
ParaphernaliaTorch lighter$10.007
MarijuanaBlackberry Cartridge 1g -PP$45.001Panda penPlatinum Girl Scout Cookies53.240.55
MarijuanaGolden Pineapple 0.5g Platinum cartridge -PP$40.004Sativa HybridPanda penGolden Pineapple65.411.13
MarijuanaPanda Pebbles 1g -PP$38.007Hybridphat pandaMixed57.060.78
MarijuanaPanda Candies, Blue Raspberry 10mg THC-PP$5.003HybridHot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaPanda Candies, Caramel Apple 10mg THC -PP$5.002HybridHot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaPanda Candies, Root Beer 10mg THC -PP$5.004Hot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaPanda Candies, Salted Caramel 10mg THC -PP$5.003Hot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaPanda Candies, Watermelon 10mg THC -PP$5.002Hot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaPanda Candies, SOUR Green Apple 10mg THC-PP$5.001Hot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaPanda Candies, SOUR Watermelon 10mg THC -PP$5.001Hot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaCaramel Panda Candies, Chile Spice Soft Caramel 10mg THC -PP$5.002Hot SugarMixed10000
MarijuanaCBD Panda Candies, Caramel Apple 10mg 1:1 -PP$5.002Hot SugarMixed10001000
MarijuanaGolden Pineapple 1g -PP$12.0014phat pandaGolden Pineapple26.280.6
MarijuanaOG Chem 1g -PP$12.006Hybridphat pandaOg Chem #227.990
MarijuanaOG Chem Prerolls -pp$6.0012phat pandaOg Chem #224.630.39
MarijuanaMuse (2oz) - ethos$21.0016Ethos InnovatesMixed1000
Marijuanaparadise -ethos$30.0010Ethos InnovatesMixed9800500
MarijuanaBrownies, Peanut Butter 10 PK 100mg -MK$35.002Magic KithcenMixed10000
Paraphernaliabic lighter$3.00223
Paraphernaliaglass nail$5.001
MarijuanaP91 1g, Phat Panda$12.001HybridP 9121.50.29
MarijuanaP91 2g, Phat Panda$26.001HybridP 9121.50.29
MarijuanaPanda Glue 1g, Phat Panda$13.001HybridPanda Glue27.560.39
MarijuanaCBD Panda Candies- Caramel Apple - 100mg 1:1-phat panda$35.001HybridMixed10001000
MarijuanaGrand Daddy Purple 3.5g-phat panda$37.004Grand Daddy Purple (Green Pheno)
Marijuanaice cream pre rolls .5g$5.001PhoenixIce Cream16.520.35
Paraphernalialarge spoon, gemini$30.0014
ParaphernaliaXL spoon, gemini$45.002
MarijuanaGolden Pineapple 28g -PP$280.001Sativa Hybridphat pandaGolden Pineapple21.10.39
MarijuanaBong Buddies, Golden Pineapple 2g -PP$20.002Sativa Hybridphat pandaGolden Pineapple19.40.39
ParaphernaliaPocket Panda Rose Gold R3-kit$90.002
ParaphernaliaPocket Panda Gun Metal G3-kit$90.002
MarijuanaGorilla Grapes Prerolls 1g -PP$6.001Hybridphat pandaGorilla Grapes #423.450.29
MarijuanaDutch Treat 1g -PP$12.002Sativa Hybridphat pandaDutch Treat #522.790.29
MarijuanaCaramel Panda Candies- Original Soft Caramel - 100mg 1:1 - PP$30.001phat pandaMixed10000
MarijuanaPanda Candies, SOUR Blackberry 100mg THC -PP$30.001Hot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaOG. Kush- 1g.- WOW$10.001IndicaWoW weedOg Kush31.820
Marijuanablue dream 28g, artizen$280.002HybridBlue Dream19.410.06
MarijuanaOG Sour 7g, artizen$70.001HybridOg Sour28.260
Paraphernaliaquartz banger smoke emp$12.004
MarijuanaGorilla Glue 0.5g cartridge -PP$25.003Indica Hybridphat pandaQuerkle54.880
MarijuanaHeadband 0.5g cartridge -PP$25.002Sativa Hybridphat pandaIn The Pines #457.21.21
MarijuanaDutch Treat 0.5g cartridge -PP$25.002Panda penMixed54.795.71
MarijuanaDouble Bubba 0.5g cartridge -PP$25.001Indica HybridPanda penMixed57.610.62
MarijuanaFire OG 0.5g cartridge -PP$25.003Sativa HybridPanda penCinex56.592.88
MarijuanaMango Haze 1g cartridge -PP*$45.002Sativa Hybridphat pandaMixed55.154.88
Marijuana5 P's Prerolls -PP$6.0023phat panda5 P's #322.140.19
Paraphernaliared white and blue spoon pipe$20.001
MarijuanaMarmas, Sour Watermelon 10mg -mk$5.002MKMixed10000
MarijuanaPebbles, Sour Tropical Punch 10mg -mk$5.002MKMixed10000
MarijuanaKN Cookie - Snickerdoodle Singles -mk$5.001Mixed10000
MarijuanaKN Marmas - Sour Watermelon - 10 PK$25.002MKMixed10000
MarijuanaKN Marmas - Blue Raspberry - 10 PK$25.002MKMixed10000
MarijuanaPanda Candies, Caramel Apple 100mg THC -PP$30.001Hot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaPanda Candies, Salted Caramel 100mg THC -PP$25.005Hot SugarGirl Scout Cookies Thin Mint1000100
MarijuanaCBD Panda Candies, Strawberry Kiwi 100mg 1:1 -PP$35.003Hot SugarKc's White Widow1000800
MarijuanaCBD Soft Caramel Panda Candies, Sea Salt Caramel 100mg 1:1 -PP$35.005Hot SugarMixed10001100
MarijuanaPanda OG 2g -PP$24.001phat pandaPanda Og23.160.8
MarijuanaCBD Panda Candies, Caramel Apple 100mg 1:1 -PP$35.004Hot SugarKc's White Widow1000800
Paraphernaliawater pipe$35.003
Paraphernaliasilicone jar$4.002
Marijuanagorilla glue pr 2 pack$6.001(C) Gorilla Glue27.710.74
MarijuanaCali Orange 3.8gm$20.001LoadedCali Orange15.290.08
Paraphernaliarolling tray$10.001
Paraphernaliawax pen kits$25.0011
MarijuanaBlackberry Cartridge 0.5g, PP$25.009Mixed56.365.15
MarijuanaCookies and Cream 1g, PP$10.001Gsc X Star Fighter #920.991.87
MarijuanaOG Chem 1g, PP$12.001Og Chem #124.260.7
MarijuanaOG Chem 3.5g, PP$37.004Og Chem #124.260.7
MarijuanaOregon Purple Diesel Panda Chunks 1g, PP$10.002Oregon Purple Diesel16.980.19
MarijuanaP-91 3.5g, PP$37.001P 9127.450.3
MarijuanaPanda Glue Prerolls, PP$10.001Panda Glue21.210.29
Paraphernaliapanda draw battery$8.002
MarijuanaTraining Day .5 cartridge RSO -RSOGO$25.002Indica HybridRSOGOTraining Day68.490
MarijuanaBarney Rubble .5 cartridge RSO -RSOGO$25.001RSOGOMixed70.220
MarijuanaPieface 3.5gm -Platinum Enterprises$35.001Indica Hybridwild billPie Face27.170.09
MarijuanaDutch Berry 1g cl bag, Artizen$12.001Sativa HybridDutch Berry20.050
ParaphernaliaToker Poker$8.0048
Marijuanagolden pineapple 3.5g, pp$37.003Golden Pineapple22.450.45
MarijuanaParadise, ethos$30.003Mixed93000
MarijuanaRelief 250, ethos$54.0011Ghost Train Haze400208.1
MarijuanaRelief, ethos$36.001Ghost Train Haze1300328.9
MarijuanaChronic Fruit Stripes 3.5g$20.001Chronic Fruit Stripes18.40.05
MarijuanaDutch Banner Shatter 1 Gram -Elevate$25.002Mixed74.660.35
MarijuanaAnimal Cookies 3.5 Grams -Elevated$35.002Indica HybridElevateAnimal Cookies25.150.07
ParaphernaliaWOW MUGS$7.0070
Marijuanapurple crack 1g, phoenix*$6.001Purple Crack23.360.08
Marijuanasatsop squatch 1g$10.001Cinex22.780.09
MarijuanaGinger Jane- Loaded Soda$21.0025HybridLoaded SodaMixed58000
MarijuanaMountain Dank- Loaded Soda$21.0023HybridLoaded SodaMixed58000
MarijuanaKona Creame- Loaded Soda$21.0021HybridLoaded SodaMixed58000
MarijuanaMilk Chocolate- 100mg.- Multi Pack$30.001silica phoenixMixed1000100
MarijuanaWhite Chocolate Peppermint- 100mg.- Multi Pack$30.004silica phoenixMixed9000
Paraphernaliastoner bong$65.001
Paraphernaliapink leaf water pipe$30.001
Paraphernaliagemini med spoon$20.001
Paraphernaliaashtray, gemini$5.0015
MarijuanaPlatinum Pen - OG Chem 0.5g, PP$45.002Og Chem66.781.71
MarijuanaP91 Hiterp Sugar 1g, PP$36.001P 9172.850.48
MarijuanaBlueberry Flame .5g cartridge -PP$25.007Panda penMixed60.170.7
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Dutch Treat .5g, PP$25.002Mixed54.795.71
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Dutch Treat 1g, PP$45.001Mixed54.795.71
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Fire OG .5g, PP$25.003Mixed54.885.12
MarijuanaPanda Pen - GDP .5g, PP$25.004Mixed51.730
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Gorilla Glue .5g, PP$30.002Mixed48.421.22
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Grapeness .5g, PP$30.001Mixed55.693.6
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Mango Haze .5g, PP$25.001Mixed53.491.67
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Pear Herer .5g, PP$30.001Mixed52.191.82
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Sour Apricot .5g, PP$30.001Mixed53.131.37
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Tropical Trainwreck .5g, PP$25.002Mixed54.231.05
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Tropical Trainwreck 1g, PP$45.005Mixed54.231.05
MarijuanaPanda Pen - WA Apple .5g, PP$25.003Mixed55.040
MarijuanaPurple Glue 3.5g, PP$37.001Purple Glue25.960.39
MarijuanaPanda Candies- Grape - 10mg, PP$5.003Mixed1000100
MarijuanaPowdered THC- CBD Plain Sugar 10mg, PP$4.002Kc's White Widow1000900
MarijuanaSpace Queen .5g Cartridge, Artizen$35.001Space Queen875.2
MarijuanaGrape Ape 28g Jar, Artizen$280.003Grape Ape21.740.1
ParaphernaliaSmoke Emp Bangers$10.006
MarijuanaJack Wreck - 1 oz, sunshine$250.001(C) Jack Wreck28.140
MarijuanaJack Wreck - 1/4 oz, sunshine$65.002(C) Jack Wreck28.140
MarijuanaJack Wreck - 1g, sunshine$10.0020(C) Jack Wreck26.50
Marijuanastar dawg 3.5g, artizen$38.0011Star Dawg23.140
MarijuanaNYPD Pre-Loaded Pipe (RR) - 0.5g Package$14.001Nypd28.080.09
MarijuanaRR - FL - NYPD - 28.0 Gram$175.001Nypd27.270.09
MarijuanaRR - FL - Permafrost - 01.0 Gram$10.001Permafrost25.990.09
MarijuanaDurban Poison 7g - kush valley$55.001Durban Poison 1 R20.30.09
MarijuanaGalactic Glue 28g Jar$280.004Galactic Glue22.950
MarijuanaGalactic Glue 3.5g CL Bag$38.001Galactic Glue23.220
MarijuanaStar Dawg 28g Jar$280.002Star Dawg22.850
MarijuanaStar Dawg 7g Jar$70.004Star Dawg22.580
MarijuanaPlatinum Pen - OG Chem 0.5g$45.001Og Chem66.781.71
MarijuanaGrunk Prerolls 1g$6.002Grunk20.511.2
ParaphernaliaWine Bong$75.001
ParaphernaliaAtomic Bong$50.003
ParaphernaliaDomeless nail$25.001
Paraphernaliaseahawks grinder$30.001
ParaphernaliaColor spoon$15.003
MarijuanaPanda Chews- Watermelon- 10mg.$5.002HybridGrow Op FarmsMixed10000
MarijuanaPanda Chews- 10mg. banana$5.001HybridGrow Op FarmsMixed10000
MarijuanaJack Wreck- 0.5g.- 2pk. Prerolls- Sunshine$6.001Sativa HybridSunshine Farming(C) Jack Wreck28.060
MarijuanaTre Star- 1g.- Sunshine$10.002Indica HybridTre Star23.740.08
ParaphernaliaCarb Cap$12.001
ParaphernaliaExtra large glass pipe$50.001
ParaphernaliaShark pipe$30.001
Paraphernaliamed card printing$1.00454
MarijuanaLemon Sweet Skunk - 1/8 oz. sunshine$40.001(Sf) Lemon Sweet Skunk21.760
MarijuanaMiddlefork, pinnacle$20.001Middlefork85.020.13
MarijuanaBerry Gumboldt 1g Co2 -Landrace$25.001Indica HybridBerry Gumboldt67.730.99
MarijuanaPanda Pen - GDP 1g$45.002Mixed54.260.94
MarijuanaPanda Pen - CBD Strawberry Cough 0.5g$30.002Mixed37.140.41
MarijuanaCaramel Panda Candies- Dipped Apple Soft Caramel - 100mg$30.005Mixed10000
MarijuanaPanda Fruit Drops- Green Apple 100mg$30.002Mixed10000
MarijuanaPanda Fruit Drops- Watermelon 100mg$30.005Mixed10000
Marijuanapineapple cacao$6.0012Mixed10000
Marijuanaapple cinn 10mg$6.0044Mixed10000
Marijuanapioneer square cherry 10 mg$6.0017Grape Ape10000
Marijuanalemon manderin square$6.002White Fire Alien Og10000
MarijuanaLoaded Vape Cartridge$20.001Mixed70.620.01
Marijuanadutch treat loaded PR$5.001Dutch Treat18.080.06
Marijuanasnow loaded PR$5.001Snow21.30.05
MarijuanaChemdawg- 1oz- Sunshine Farms$250.002HybridSunshine FarmingChemdawg21.490.06
MarijuanaChemdawg- 7g- Sunshine Farms$65.003HybridSunshine FarmingChemdawg21.490.06
MarijuanaChemdawg- 3.5g- Sunshine Farms$30.0011HybridSunshine FarmingChemdawg21.490.06
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Headband 1g -PP$45.002Grow Op FarmsMixed60.262.43
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Blueberry Flame 1g -PP$45.002Grow Op FarmsMixed56.382.3
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Jack Herer .5g -pp$25.005Grow Op FarmsMixed64.864
Marijuana420 cart- Mixed- Indica-0.5g.- Agrijuana$15.005IndicaAgrijuanaMixed68.420.35
Marijuana420 Cart- One Love- 0.5g.- Agrijauna$15.003HybridAgrijuanaOne Love690.6
Marijuana420 Cart- Mixed- Sativa- 0.5g.- Agrijauna$15.003SativaAgrijuanaMixed69.640.27
MarijuanaMaster Kush- 0.5g .420 Cart- - Agrijuana$15.002IndicaAgrijuanaMaster Kush67.220.6
Marijuanaobama kush 1g$20.001Obama Kush76.070.05
MarijuanaPlatinum Cookies 1 g Pre-roll -PCB$8.001Pingston Creek BotanicalPlatinum Cookies23.730.14
MarijuanaGalactic Glue 1g CL Bag -Artizen$12.007Indica HybridArtizen Cannabis CompanyGalactic Glue25.540
MarijuanaPRE-R BLUEBERRY KUSH 1PK,07G-medusa gardens$5.001IndicaMedusa gardensMixed27.350
MarijuanaPRE-R CANNALOPE KUSH 0.7G-medusa gardens$5.001Medusa gardensCannalope Kush25.710.09
MarijuanaPRE-R OBD+BLACK CHERRY SODA 0.7G-medusa gardens$5.001Medusa gardensOdb20.740.38
MarijuanaKN Marmas CBD - Blue Raspberry - 10 PK$35.001Mixed02700
MarijuanaKN Marmas - Sour Pineapple - 10 PK$25.003Mixed10000
MarijuanaKN Marmas - Sour Apple - 10 PK$25.006Mixed10000
MarijuanaCC - Syringe - Blueberry - 1.0 gram$45.001Mixed93.480.4
MarijuanaAfghani Kush 3.5g, WB$35.005Indica
ParaphernaliaKolt Kandy Kane GF$40.001
Paraphernaliamed clear bong$40.001
Paraphernaliametal grinder GF$10.002
Paraphernaliacoil SE$5.0016
MarijuanaDreamberry 1g, pinnacle nw$15.001Dream Berry76.490.21
MarijuanaPurple Clementine Prerolls 1g- PP$6.001phat pandaPurple Clementine20.970.51
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Grapefruit .5g-grow op$25.003Mixed55.720.68
MarijuanaSnow White LR Icing 1g-Phat N Sticky$36.001DabstractSnow White71.090.51
MarijuanaINDO - RYO - Indica - Blue Magoo$35.003Blue Magoo18.410.06
MarijuanaStrawberry Banana 1g$12.001Strawberry Banana24.250.29
MarijuanaStrawberry Banana 3.5g$37.001Strawberry Banana24.250.29
MarijuanaLemon Sugar Koosh Preroll 1g$6.002Lemon Sugar Kush22.220.19
MarijuanaOZ Kush Preroll 1g$10.001Oz Kush23.610.29
MarijuanaNew Glue (GG #5) Chunks 1g$10.001Gg #524.520.1
MarijuanaGorilla Glue #4 joint, wb$20.002Gorilla Glue 422.10.07
MarijuanaCascade Cream Hash 1g-Sitka$50.0011SitkaMixed35.330.09
MarijuanaLeb Gold Hash 1g-sitka$40.001SitkaMixed40.090.09
MarijuanaInfused Preroll 1.g - PUMPKIN SPICE-sitka$15.002SitkaMixed24.630.09
MarijuanaOG LTD 6-pack Preroll tin-sitka$33.001Og Cookies21.220
MarijuanaJPSW, VAPE CART, .5g bd$20.001Blue Dream67.640
MarijuanaGG#4 - 1 oz.$280.005(C) Gorilla Glue27.670.03
MarijuanaDo Si Dos Preroll 1g$6.0010Do Si Dos21.620.29
MarijuanaGorilla Grapes Prerolls 1g$6.001Gorilla Grapes27.130.53
MarijuanaNew Glue (GG #5) Prerolls 1g$6.002Gg #522.830.83
MarijuanaSugar Beary Prerolls 1g$6.001Sugar Berry25.530.29
MarijuanaDo Si Dos Bong Buddies 2g$20.004Do Si Dos22.40.29
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Tangie .5g$25.003Mixed52.640
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Raspberry Skywalker .5g$30.001Mixed49.170
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Vanilla Kush .5g$25.003Mixed54.542.79
MarijuanaPineapple Infused Preroll$15.001Mixed40.271.58
MarijuanaPanda Fruit Drops- Blue Raspberry 100mg$30.004Mixed10000
MarijuanaPanda Fruit Drops- Peach Mango - 100mg$30.001Mixed10000
MarijuanaPanda Candies - Strawberry Kiwi 100mg$20.002Mixed10000
MarijuanaUN FLOWER LEMON OG 28G$75.001Pickens Mtn. Lemon Og19.440.23
Paraphernaliaflame torch$20.0011
Paraphernaliaclear chillum$4.0013
Paraphernaliasilicone pipe, gemini$25.002
Paraphernaliabanger, gemini$10.0054
Paraphernaliadome, gemini$10.008
ParaphernaliaGemini Lg spoon$35.002
MarijuanaGolden Pineapple Prerolls 1g, pp$6.005Golden Pineapple26.231.6
MarijuanaOrange Purple Crush Prerolls 1g$6.001Orange Purple Crush24.520.35
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Strawberry Cough .5g$25.003Mixed51.241.4
MarijuanaChill Pill 100mg$30.001Mixed1000300
Paraphernaliasm glass spoon, smoke emporium$10.004
Marijuanacbd3 PR, loaded$5.001Cbd 30.9211.3
MarijuanaTres Star - 1g, shatter sunshine$20.001Tre Star68.720.19
MarijuanaFruity Pebbles 1g$30.001Fruity Pebbles70.650.21
MarijuanaUA PRE-R LEMON OG 0.7G$5.001Pickens Mtn. Lemon Og27.850.54
MarijuanaFLOWER PURPLE HAZE 3.5G$20.001Pickens Mtn. Purple Haze29.50.52
Marijuanasour cookies 1g-elevate$10.001Sour Cookies21.720.08
MarijuanaVF Sour Grapes 3.5g$30.001Sour Grape30.090.19
MarijuanaVF The Widow 3.5g$30.001The Widow29.180.19
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Creamsicle .5g$25.004Mixed59.93.29
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Headband .5g$25.001Mixed59.93.29
MarijuanaCBD 10:1 Panda Candies- Strawberry Kiwi - 100mg$35.005Mixed2001000
MarijuanaCBD 1:1 Panda Candies- Sour Watermelon 10mg$5.006Mixed2001000
MarijuanaGorrila Glue 3.5g, gold coast$20.001Gorrila Glue21.40
MarijuanaKush + Cream 1g, gold coast$5.006Kush + Cream15.290
MarijuanaKN Marmas - Sour Raspberry - 10 PK$25.002Mixed10000
MarijuanaJPSW, VAPE CART, blueberry glue .5g$20.001Mixed55.937.7
MarijuanaJPSW, VAPE CART, golden ticket .5g$20.001Golden Ticket60.080
MarijuanaChernobyl Chunks 1g, pp$10.0010Chernobyl26.360.19
MarijuanaChernobyl 1g, pp$13.0050Chernobyl26.360.19
MarijuanaChernobyl 3.5g, pp$40.0035Chernobyl25.410.19
MarijuanaPlatinum Pen - Gorilla Grapes 0.5g$40.003Mixed69.863.98
MarijuanaDabstract Pen Oregon Purple Diesel$45.002Mixed64.293.58
MarijuanaDutch Berry 1g Icing$36.001Dutch Berry67.410.78
MarijuanaThe Pineapple 1g CL Bag$12.0062The Pineapple20.570.15
Paraphernaliamed glass bong, Gemini$45.001
MarijuanaPink LemonAid 1g, rochester$10.0015
MarijuanaStrawberry Mamba 1g, rochester$10.0010
MarijuanaBlackberry TrainWreck 1g, rochester$10.002
MarijuanaRomulan 1g-pingston$10.001
Marijuanaagent banana .5-pingston$10.001Pingston Creek Botanical
MarijuanaP91 3.5g, pp$37.0010
Marijuana Hawaiian Golden Pineapple Panda Chunks 1g, pp$8.001
MarijuanaHawaiian Golden Pineapple 1g , pp$12.001
MarijuanaHawaiian Golden Pineapple 3.5g, pp$37.005
MarijuanaStrawberry Banana Preroll 1g , pp$6.001
Marijuana Rain Maker Preroll 1g , pp$6.002
MarijuanaPurple Monster Kush Prerolls 1g, pp$10.001
MarijuanaOh F#?k Prerolls 1g, pp$6.002
Marijuana Hawaiian Golden Pineapple Prerolls 1g, pp$6.007
MarijuanaGSC Forum Prerolls 1g, pp$6.002
Marijuanathe sauce 3.5g, wb$35.001
Marijuanagreasemonkey 1g, wb$10.001
Marijuanagreasemonkey 3.5g, wb$35.002
Marijuanawhite lights 1g, pinnacle$20.001
Paraphernaliablack label cleaner$10.003
MarijuanaAC/DC Preroll 1g, pp$6.001
Marijuana Infused Preroll Strawberry Banana 1g, pp$9.001
MarijuanaCBD/THC 1:1 tinc, ethos$45.007
MarijuanaSuper Nova 1g-Banano buds$10.001
Marijuanagorilla glue pre-roll-platinum enterprises$5.001
MarijuanaTurtle Indica 10pk-honu$30.001
MarijuanaHazelnut Truffle 10pk-honu$30.001
MarijuanaBlue City Diesel 420 Cart-agrijuana$15.002
MarijuanaKN Marmas - CBD:THC Sour Watermelon$36.001
MarijuanaSumatran Sunrise .5 gm Indigo Cartridge$40.0022
MarijuanaNight Rider .5 gm Indigo Cartridge$40.001
MarijuanaMountain Mist .5 gm Indigo Cartridge$40.0025
MarijuanaJack Herer .5 gm Indigo Cartridge$40.001
MarijuanaBubba Kush .5 gm Indigo Cartridge$40.001
MarijuanaBuddha's Smile .5 gm Indigo Cartridge$40.0021
MarijuanaOz's Orchard .5 gm Indigo Cartridge$40.0015
MarijuanaDefault Strain .5 gm Indigo - HF Co2$45.001
MarijuanaMidnight Moon .5 gm Indigo Cartridge$40.0015
Paraphernaliaindigo pro vape battery, charcoal$50.0011
MarijuanaGlacier Goo Base 1g-Son Lux$15.002
MarijuanaMixed Shorty 10pk$35.001
MarijuanaScooby Blue RR - POP 3.5g$20.001
MarijuanaUA PRE-R JESUS OG 1.3G$5.001
Paraphernaliagemini silicone NC$35.003
Paraphernaliagemini mini silicone NC$20.002
Paraphernaliapen car charger$6.0011
Paraphernaliasilicone bong gemini$30.001
Paraphernaliagemini silicone bong med$40.002
Paraphernaliagemini water pipe large$25.003
Paraphernaliagemini clear logo bong$20.001
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Jack Herer 1g$45.001
MarijuanaPanda Candies- SOUR Blue Raspberry - 100mg$30.005
MarijuanaPanda Candies- SOUR Blue Raspberry - 10mg$5.003
MarijuanaOG Chem, 2g. Bong buddies, PP$20.002HybridGrow Op FarmsOg Chem #2
ParaphernaliaSpecial k full color wrap$70.001
MarijuanaDutch Treat - Prerolls - 1 g-elevate$5.001
Paraphernaliapmg kaliGo Bong$40.001
Paraphernaliapmg karmaGo pipe$14.0014
MarijuanaLEMON OG 1GR , medusa$5.001
Marijuana PURPLE HAZE 1G, medusa$5.008
Paraphernaliamini bic$2.0044
MarijuanaLEB RED x Lavender x Mixed SIKARILLO RED-sikarillo$30.001
MarijuanaCascade Cream- SIKARILLO -Sikarillo$32.002
MarijuanaLEB GOLD x Mixed x SIKARILLO -Sikarillo$30.008
MarijuanaWhite Rabbit WR - 3.5gm$35.001
MarijuanaCounty Line Kush CLK - 3.5gm$30.002
MarijuanaPearly Girl PG - 3.5gm$30.005
MarijuanaBlack Cherry Soda 3.5g$30.002
MarijuanaPrism #1 Concentrate A Grade Extract - 1g$25.001
MarijuanaLemonberry 1g Joint$8.003
MarijuanaG-13 - 28.0 Gram$200.001
MarijuanaWax - Lambs Grease - 01.0$25.001
MarijuanaGG#4 - .5g 2 Pack (4/20)$6.0036
MarijuanaJack Wreck (4/20)- 1/8 o$20.002
MarijuanaGreen Crack Zoobees Split Extract - .5g$15.001
MarijuanaGreen Crack Two Doob Tube Usable MJ - 2g$8.001
MarijuanaGG #5 SF Icing 1g VF$25.001
MarijuanaRaskal Berries Sugar 1g VF$25.001
MarijuanaPanda Cookies Bong Buddies 2g$20.005
MarijuanaMAC - Platinum Line 3.5g$45.0021
Paraphernaliamicro n/c$25.003
MarijuanaElegante Gorilla Glue$12.001
MarijuanaElegante Tangie$12.001
MarijuanaCatholic school girl 1g-sinsemilla$5.001
MarijuanaSour Grape Haze Pre Roll - 1g -koulee kush$20.001
MarijuanaCreamsicle -1g-pen-pp$45.001
MarijuanaWA Apple pen-1g-pp$45.001
Marijuanaplatinum sorbet 3.5-pp$45.001
MarijuanaTropicana Cookies 3.5-pp$45.001
MarijuanaBlueberry Belts 100mg-pp$25.002
Marijuanarainbow belts 100mg-pp$30.002
MarijuanaStrawberry Apple Belts 100mg-pp$30.003
MarijuanaStrawberry Banana Belts 100mg-pp$25.003
MarijuanaApple Rings 100mg-pp$30.002
MarijuanaPeach Rings 100mg-pp$30.001
MarijuanaPax Pod - CBD 0.5g-pp$45.002
MarijuanaPax Pod - Chem 91x Animal Cookies 0.5g-pp$50.003
MarijuanaBlack Cherry Soda 3.5*g$20.003
MarijuanaMixed Mango Belts - 100mg$30.006
MarijuanaMixed Strawberry Belts - 100mg$30.0010
Marijuana.5g Strawberry Cart$33.001
MarijuanaKush Creams - Natural Sensei - 1.5 oz.$30.001
MarijuanaKush Creams - Natural Sensei - 4 oz.$70.004
MarijuanaKush Creams - OG Kush - 4oz.$70.005
MarijuanaKush Creams - Permafrost - 1.5oz.$35.004
MarijuanaKush Creams - Permafrost x SSD - 1.5 oz.$35.002
MarijuanaGG#4 7g-sunshine$70.0016
MarijuanaGG#4 3.5g-sunshine$35.0056
MarijuanaBlue Dream Flower 1g, d's$8.002
MarijuanaTahoe OG 3.52 g$25.001
MarijuanaMAC - Platinum Line Prerolls 1g$7.003
MarijuanaTropicanna Cookies - Platinum Line Prerolls 1g$7.002
MarijuanaMixed Firecracker - Infused Preroll Seattle Sour Lemon 1g$9.001
MarijuanaMixed Firecracker - Infused Preroll Tropicana Grapefruit 1g$9.006
MarijuanaTropicanna Cookies - Platinum Line 3.5g$40.001
MarijuanaCatholic school girl 3.5g-sinsemilla$30.001
MarijuanaStrawberry Cough 1g-sinsemilla.$10.002
MarijuanaGhost Train Haze Topical: Bath Bomb - Oatmeal Mint -$12.001
MarijuanaPHO Live Resin - Sour D$30.003
MarijuanaHonu Original Skunk (H) 1g$5.001
Paraphernaliaglass stem$8.002
MarijuanaPrism #1- 3.5g.- Rochester Farms$30.001HybridROCHESTER FARMSPrism
MarijuanaPrism #1- 1g.- Rochester Farms$10.008HybridROCHESTER FARMSPrism #1
MarijuanaHuckleberry Soda- 1g.- Rochester Farms$10.001HybridROCHESTER FARMSHuckleberry Soda
MarijuanaSun Lounger- 1g.- Rochester Farms$10.001HybridROCHESTER FARMSSun Lounger
MarijuanaAFGHAN KUSH 28g-medusa gardens$75.002
Marijuanaafgan kush 1g-green420$5.001
Paraphernaliasm glass/silicone pipe$10.0013
Paraphernaliabox nectar collector$60.002
Paraphernaliasilicone sherlock dab rig$45.001
Marijuana#5 Bluezzz 3.5g$37.001
MarijuanaGarlic Cookies 3.5g$37.001
ParaphernaliaPax Era Device$45.002
Marijuana Pineapple Express - 3.5g , harmony$40.002
MarijuanaPlushberry Indigo - Harmony CO2 Series - .5gm -$45.003
MarijuanaSherbet- 3.5g.- Qaulity$25.001HybridQuality Cannabis Producing And ProcessingSherbet
MarijuanaBlueberry Diesel 1g-doc croc$30.001
MarijuanaLSD 7g-WB$70.001
MarijuanaTurtle Sativa 10pk$30.001
Paraphernaliamed thick pipe, mad hatters$20.002
Paraphernaliasmall bubbler, mad hatters$30.001
Paraphernaliafrog chillum$12.003
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Grapefruit 1g$45.001
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Vanilla Kush 1g$45.009
MarijuanaBlurple 1 g$15.001
MarijuanaHi-Burst - Sour Blue Raspberry - 10 PK$25.007
MarijuanaHi-Burst - Strawberry - 10 PK$25.006
MarijuanaDutch Treat - 1g pac$10.002
MarijuanaGG#4 - 1g$12.00103
Marijuanagg #4 1g pac$10.001
Marijuanafirehouse 1g$15.001
MarijuanaAnimal Candy Icing 1g$36.001
MarijuanaPanda OG Cake Batter 1g$25.001
MarijuanaBlue Dream Sugar 1g$24.001
MarijuanaKanna Kiss [ Mixed - Marijuana Infused Topicals$6.0012
MarijuanaAlpen Glow- 1g.- Gold Coast$4.00132HybridGOLD COAST GROWERSAlpen Glow
MarijuanaSweet Dutch- 1g.- Pinnacle NW$15.001Sativa Hybridpinnacle nwSweet Dutch
MarijuanaPanda Snax- o.5g. Pod- Dabstract$50.001HybridPHAT N STICKYPanda Snax
MarijuanaChocolate Thai 1g pre-roll$5.001
MarijuanaBHO 1g Clementine$12.001
MarijuanaSour Cyclone (CBD) Concentrate A Grade Extract - 1g$25.001
MarijuanaIndigo- Holy Grail- 0.5g. Cart- Harmony$40.002HybridHARMONY FARMSHoly Grail
MarijuanaIndigo- Nothern Lights- 0.5g. Cart- Harmony$40.001HybridHARMONY FARMSNorthern Lights
MarijuanaIndigo- XJ-13- 0.5g. Cart- Harmony$40.001HybridHARMONY FARMSXJ-13
MarijuanaBlueberry- 0.5g.- Cart- Loaded$30.001IndicaLoaded SodaBlueberry
MarijuanaCBD Cannacart - Jack Herer - 0.5g$33.001
MarijuanaDutch Treat Solstice Flower 1g$12.001
MarijuanaSour Diesel C&D Flower 1g$5.003
MarijuanaMarmalade #32 C&D Flower 3.5g$25.001
MarijuanaMaui Wowie Sugar 1g$25.001
Paraphernaliahammer w/horn pipe$25.001
Paraphernaliatornado pipe$25.004
Paraphernaliagold ring drooper pipe$30.002
Paraphernaliagold pink bubs pipe$30.004
Paraphernalialg gold pink bubs pipes$35.001
MarijuanaMakos Mendo Purp 1g$5.0025
Marijuanamako mendo purp 3.5g$15.0011
MarijuanaATF 1g pacific$4.006
MarijuanaChemdawg- 1g.- Sunshine$10.0019Sativa HybridSunshine FarmingChemdawg
MarijuanaDutch Treat- 2pk.- Preroll- Sunshine$6.001Sativa HybridSunshine FarmingDutch Treat
MarijuanaSFV OG- 1g.- Kettle River$7.006IndicaKETTLE RIVER CANNABIS COMPANYSfv Og
MarijuanaBubba Kush- 1g.- Kettle River$7.0012IndicaKETTLE RIVER CANNABIS COMPANYBubba Kush
Marijuana9lb Hammer- Sugar Wax 1g.- Kettle River$15.001IndicaKETTLE RIVER CANNABIS COMPANY9lb Hammer
MarijuanaCherry Deisel- 1g.- Medusa$5.001HybridMedusa gardensPickens Mtn. Cherry Diesel
MarijuanaCherry Diesel- 3.5g.- Medusa$15.001HybridMedusa gardensPickens Mtn. Cherry Diesel
MarijuanaLSD- 0.5g.- Cart- Agrijuana$15.001SativaAgrijuanaLemon Sour Diesel (LSD) 1g
MarijuanaHuckleberry 3.5g CL Bag$38.001
MarijuanaMixed Firecracker - Infused Preroll Golden Pineapple Trainwreck 1g$9.001SativaGrow Op FarmsGolden Pineapple
MarijuanaDo Si Do- 1g.- Batter- PP$25.001IndicaGrow Op FarmsDo Si Dos
MarijuanaMixed CC - Syringe - Pineapple - 0.5 gram$25.001
MarijuanaRSO ALCOHOL EXTRACT GSC 1G$15.001Indica HybridMedusa gardensGSC
MarijuanaPROPANE EXTRACT KOSHER KUSH 1G - Green 420$12.001Indica HybridMedusa gardensKosher Kush
MarijuanaSour Blue Face 3.5g$37.002
MarijuanaStrawberry Banana Bong Buddies 2g$20.002
MarijuanaMixed Panda Pen - Fire OG 1g$45.001
Paraphernaliamulti pack screens$1.00138
Paraphernaliadab tool single$5.0023
MarijuanaMystical Melody Airo .5g-harmony$40.001Hybrid
MarijuanaHELLFIRE 1G$12.001
MarijuanaChemdawg - .5g 2 Pack -sunshine$6.0024
MarijuanaCookie Wreck 3.5g-sunshine$30.006
MarijuanaCookie Wreck 1g-sunshine$10.009
MarijuanaJack Wreck 2pk -sunshine$6.0015
MarijuanaTres Star 2pk -sunshine$6.001
MarijuanaTres Star - 3.55 g -sunshine$30.001
MarijuanaTres Star - 1g -sunshine$10.001
MarijuanaLA Confidential .5g Cartridge -artizen$35.001
MarijuanaGalactic Glue .5g-artizen$5.002
MarijuanaMango Haze 1g-artizen$12.0036
MarijuanaMango Haze 3.5g-artizen$38.0016
MarijuanaMango Haze 7g-artizen$74.004
MarijuanaHome Baked Sativa$36.006
MarijuanaHome Baked Indica$36.006
MarijuanaMixed Relief 1000 PM$90.002
Paraphernaliaknuckle head chillums$8.005
Paraphernalialarge chillums$10.002
Paraphernaliatornado chillum$12.003
Paraphernaliashroom spoon$16.003
Paraphernaliauv tornado chillum$16.002
Paraphernaliadouble bowl spoon$20.007
MarijuanaAnimal Cookies- 1g.- Wild Bill$10.001Indica HybridPlatinum EnterprisesAnimal Cookie
MarijuanaAnimal Cookies- 3.5g.- Wild Bill$35.0019Indica HybridPlatinum EnterprisesAnimal Cookie
MarijuanaAnimal Cookies- 1g. Preroll- Wild Bill$5.001Indica HybridPlatinum EnterprisesAnimal Cookie
MarijuanaJelly Sickle- 1g.- Wild Bill$10.005Indica HybridPlatinum EnterprisesJelly Sickle
MarijuanaJelly Sickle- 3.5g.- Wild Bill$35.002Indica HybridPlatinum EnterprisesJelly Sickle
MarijuanaJelly Sickle- 5pk.- Preroll- Wild Bill$20.001Indica HybridPlatinum EnterprisesJelly Sickle
Paraphernaliakush cone wraps original=Black Ball Corp$2.0025
ParaphernaliaKush Cone wraps berries-Black Ball Corp$2.0037
ParaphernaliaKush cone wraps kiwi strawberry-Black Ball Corp$2.0037
Paraphernaliakush cone wraps lemonade-Black Ball Corp$2.0021
Paraphernaliakush cone wraps-mixed grapes-Black Ball Corp$2.0039
Paraphernaliakush cone wraps sweet-Black Ball Corp$2.0038
Paraphernaliakush cone wraps zero- Black Ball Corp$2.004
ParaphernaliaJuicy jays wraps natural-Black Ball Corp$2.0044
ParaphernaliaJuicy jays wraps black & Berry-Black Ball Corp$2.0048
ParaphernaliaJuicy jays wraps grapes gone wild-Black Ball Corp$2.0047
ParaphernaliaJuicy jays wraps strawberry fields-Black Ball Corp$2.0050
ParaphernaliaJuicy jays wraps tropical passion-Black Ball Corp$2.0049
MarijuanaAllen Wrench .5g Joint 2$5.002
MarijuanaAllen Wrench 1g CL bag$6.001
MarijuanaAllen Wrench 3.5g$25.003
MarijuanaFire OG 1g$6.007
MarijuanaGooberry 2g CL Bag$20.001
MarijuanaLemonberry 1g CL$6.0040
MarijuanaThe Pineapple 2g$20.0054
MarijuanaBlueberry Athena .5g$3.002
MarijuanaColombian Gold 1g$6.001
MarijuanaColombian Gold .5g$3.001
MarijuanaMaster Kush .5g$3.001
MarijuanaBERRY WHITE 1G$5.001
MarijuanaCIGAR WHITE FIRE 4G$30.002
MarijuanaAtomic- 0.5g.- Cartridge- Airo Pro$45.001HybridHARMONY FARMSAtomic
MarijuanaJelly Breath Pre-Roll (1)$5.001
MarijuanaWonkavator Flower Jar Usable Marijuana - 1g$15.001
MarijuanaEl Chapo- 1g.- FromTheSoil$10.001HybridMAGIC TIME FARMSEl Chapo
MarijuanaNookie- 3.5g.- FromTheSoil$30.005Indica HybridMAGIC TIME FARMSNookie
Paraphernaliaevolve coil$6.001
MarijuanaWax - Pineapple Bread - 01.0 Gram$20.001
Paraphernaliawood spoon pipe$15.005
Marijuana.5gm - CBD - Buddha's Smile (Wild Orange Blossom$40.0019
Marijuana.5g Mystical Melody (Raspberry Lime & Tangerine)$40.0016
Marijuana.5gm - Indica - Midnight Moon (Black and Blue Berry)$40.001
Marijuana.5gm - Indica - Night Rider (Sugar Plum)$40.0021
Marijuana.5gm - Sativa - Oz's Orchard (Apple Berry)$40.002
MarijuanaSunrise Airo Artisan Series - .5gm$40.001
MarijuanaNew Glue (GG #5) 3.5g$37.001
MarijuanaAnimal Mintz Prerolls 1g$6.0021
MarijuanaSour Pez Infused Joints Mix Infused - 1g$15.001
MarijuanaAK 47 .5g-pingston$10.002
MarijuanaSkittles .5 cart-loaded soda$30.002
MarijuanaBanana Cherry .5g CO2 VAPE-sitka$30.002
MarijuanaGrape Durkle .5g CO2 VAPE-sitka$30.002
MarijuanaLEB RED CLASSIC 1g-sitka$12.001
Marijuana(BHO) GG#4 - 1g shatter$20.0019
MarijuanaOG Cookies SIKARILLO 1g-sitka$30.009
MarijuanaStar Dawg 1g-Artizen$8.001
Paraphernaliatrumpet chillum$15.001
Paraphernaliapink chillum$15.001
Paraphernaliabig head spoon$25.002
Paraphernaliauv glow spoons$22.001
MarijuanaMixed Solace 1oz$25.001
MarijuanaGrease Monkey 1g Hydrocarbon Extract$15.001
MarijuanaBlackberry Bubba Kush 1g Hydrocarbon Extract$25.002
MarijuanaDutch Treat 1g Hydrocarbon Extract$27.008
MarijuanaOptimus Prime 1g Hydrocarbon Extract$27.005
MarijuanaGhost OG BHO 1g$10.002
MarijuanaCenex Cenex SF Icing 1g VF$25.001
MarijuanaMixed Marmas - Peach - 10 PK$25.001
MarijuanaMixed KN Marmas CBD - Blue Raspberry 10mg 1pk$5.005
MarijuanaMixed KN Marmas - CBD:THC Sour Watermelon 10mg 1pk$5.005
MarijuanaBleating Goat- 3.5g.- FromTheSoil$35.001SativaMAGIC TIME FARMSBleating Goat
Paraphernaliaelectric nectar collector$50.001
MarijuanaGrape Haze Crumble Extract - 1g$12.001
MarijuanaBlack Cherry Soda 7g-pingston creek$30.001
MarijuanaMaster Kush 7g-pingston$30.001
MarijuanaNectar Haze Joint 0.5g$3.001
Paraphernaliacheech & chong hemp papers$3.0025
Paraphernaliacheech and chong hemp rolling papers king size$4.0042
Paraphernaliacheech and chong unbleached papers$3.0017
Paraphernaliacheech and chong unbleached king size papers$4.0044
Paraphernaliac-thru wraps$2.0019
Paraphernaliac-thru wraps blunt size$4.0024
MarijuanaSunset Sherbet Prerolls 1g$6.0032
MarijuanaLegend of Nigeria *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g VF$36.001
MarijuanaGolden Lemons 3.5g$37.003
MarijuanaSunset Sherbet Bong Buddies 2g$20.007
MarijuanaMixed Panda Pen - Original Glue 1g$45.002
MarijuanaMixed CBD Panda Candies- SOUR Watermelon - 100mg 1:1$35.001
MarijuanaMixed CBD 10:1 Panda Candies- Strawberry Kiwi - 100mg$35.002
MarijuanaMixed CBD 10:1 Panda Candies- Sour Watermelon 100mg$35.002
MarijuanaCBD 1:1 Apple Rings - 100mg$35.002
MarijuanaCBD 1:1 Peach Rings - 100mg$35.001
MarijuanaPurple Punch 1 Gram, wb$10.001
Marijuana Purple Punch 3.5 G, wb$35.001
MarijuanaCritical Mass 28g$280.001
MarijuanaMango Haze 28g$280.002
MarijuanaSugar Wax - Ogre OG - 1.0 gram$20.001
MarijuanaTS - Hash Plant - Green Apple - Single Cone - 1.0g$10.001
MarijuanaOG Kush- 1g.- Medusa$5.0014IndicaMedusa gardensOg Kush
MarijuanaGreen Crack- 2pk.- Medusa$6.001SativaMedusa gardensGreen Crack
MarijuanaRed Eye Jedi 28g Flower Usable Marijuana$250.001
MarijuanaQrazy Train Cartridge .5g$35.001
MarijuanaSilver Tip BHO 1g$33.002
MarijuanaPablo Escobar 1 g$10.0015
MarijuanaPablo Escobar 3.5 g$30.006
MarijuanaNookie 1 g$10.007
MarijuanaGMO *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g- Dabstract$36.001HybridPHAT N STICKYGMO
MarijuanaSour Blue Fruit- 3.5g.- PP$37.0018HybridGrow Op FarmsSour Blue Fruit
MarijuanaMalibu Kush- 1g.- Preroll- PP$6.001HybridGrow Op FarmsMalibu Kush
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Blood Orange .5g$25.001HybridGrow Op FarmsBlood Orange
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Zkittles 1g-PP$45.001HybridGrow Op FarmsZkittles
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Zkittles .5g-PP$25.002HybridGrow Op FarmsZkittles
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Durban Haze .5g- PP$25.003Sativa HybridGrow Op FarmsDurban Haze
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Durban Haze 1g-PP$45.001Sativa HybridGrow Op FarmsDuban Haze
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Passion Fruit 1g$45.003Indica HybridGrow Op FarmsPassion Fruit
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Passion Fruit 0.5g$25.002Indica HybridGrow Op FarmsPassion Fruit
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Cantaloupe Haze .5g$25.001Grow Op FarmsCantaloupe Haze
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Sunset Sherbet 1g$45.001Indica HybridGrow Op FarmsSunset Sherbet
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Sunset Sherbet .5g$25.002HybridGrow Op FarmsSunset Sherbert
MarijuanaPanda Pen - Cookies and Cream .5g$25.008HybridGrow Op FarmsCookies N Cream
MarijuanaBlack Mamba Airo Artisan Series - .5gm - Sativa$40.0017
MarijuanaRSO Shatter - GG #4 - 1g$30.001Sativa HybridBmf WashingtonGg #4
MarijuanaDolato 1 G- Wild Bill$10.001Indica HybridPlatinum EnterprisesDolato
MarijuanaDolato 3.5 G-Wild Bill$35.005Indica HybridPlatinum EnterprisesDolato
ParaphernaliaE-nector collector$45.004
MarijuanaDutch Treat 1g$27.005
MarijuanaSun Berry 1g Hydrocarbon Extract for inhalation (1g)$12.001
MarijuanaGreen Crack 1g Hydrocarbon Extract for inhalation (1g)$27.002
MarijuanaDead Head Og 7g$30.005
MarijuanaDieselicious F$30.001
MarijuanaTaffy Chem 7g$30.002
MarijuanaGorilla Glue #4 Sugar Wax Extract - 1g$25.008
ParaphernaliaPMG Kommuter$69.0010
MarijuanaCookie Jar Mix 1g BHO-pingston$20.001
MarijuanaDurban Poison 1g BHO-pingston$20.001
MarijuanaDream Beaver Prerolls 1g - PP$6.001Indica HybridGrow Op FarmsDream Beaver
MarijuanaPanda Face - Platinum Line Prerolls 1g$7.004HybridGrow Op FarmsPanda Face
MarijuanaMixed 1g Smokes Usable Marijuana - 1g$2.001
MarijuanaPanda Cookies 3.5g- PP$37.006IndicaGrow Op FarmsPanda Cookies
MarijuanaKings Blend *LR* Sugar 1g- Grow OP$25.001Indica HybridGrow Op FarmsKings Blend
MarijuanaMixed Firecracker -Golden Pineapple Gelato 1g$9.002HybridGrow Op Farms
MarijuanaMarijuana Extract for Inhalation (Shatter) Jack Wreck - 1g$20.0021
MarijuanaMarijuana Extract for Inhalation (Shatter) Tres Star - 1gs$20.001
MarijuanaUsable Marijuana Cookie Wreck - 1g$10.001
MarijuanaMarmas - CBD Sweet and Sour Cherry - 10 PK$35.002
MarijuanaUsable Marijuana Tres Star - 1 oz. 28 g$250.002
MarijuanaDosicream 1 Gram$10.0012
MarijuanaDosicream 3.5$35.005
MarijuanaPlatinum's Cake Pre-Roll (1)$5.002
MarijuanaDosi Cream Pre-Roll (1)$5.002
Paraphernaliaziggy marley papers 1 1/4$2.006
Paraphernaliaziggy marley king size papers$3.0030
MarijuanaUsable Marijuana Dutchberry 28g Jar$280.004
MarijuanaUsable Marijuana Mango Haze 2g CL Bag 2.02 g$20.009
MarijuanaMixed Base: End Product/Concentrate For Inhalation .5g$30.006
Paraphernaliametal pipe, gemini$5.0045
Paraphernaliaglobe with coil$10.003
Paraphernaliaglass dome top$10.0013
ParaphernaliaHoney dab kit$70.002
MarijuanaWedding Cake PR 1g, PP$7.001
MarijuanaExtreme Cream Cartridge BHO 1g$20.0017
MarijuanaHawaiian Smurf Cookie BHO Wax Bucket 1g$15.001
MarijuanaCheddar Head$12.0011
MarijuanaSuper Lemon Haze RSO Shatter$30.001
MarijuanaDouble OG Sour Scout$36.001
MarijuanaSherb Face Pax Pod$45.004
MarijuanaTropicana Cookies 2g PP$20.002
MarijuanaKGB 1g$5.001
Marijuanadutch fire 3.5g$12.001
Marijuanatangee ghost train haze 1g$7.0016
Marijuanatangee ghost train haze 3.5g*$20.001
Marijuanataffy chem 1g*$7.0017
MarijuanaCrooked Sherb Flower Jar Usable Marijuana - 3.5g$25.001
MarijuanaDude, what is that? Flower Jar Usable Marijuana - 3.5g$25.00101
MarijuanaGolden Pineapple Gems N' Juice 1g PP$36.007
MarijuanaAnimal Mints Pax Pod - Animal Mintz *LR* 0.5g PP$45.001
ParaphernaliaMulti color panda battery$20.001
MarijuanaSunset Sherbet 3.5g, PP$37.003
MarijuanaMixed Firecracker - Infused Preroll MAC Vanilla 1g$9.001
MarijuanaCantaloupe Haze .5g$25.001
MarijuanaDutchberry .5g Cartridge$35.001
MarijuanaLotionz CBD:THC - (5)$30.001
MarijuanaCart - Hybrid - Gelato - 0.5 g$25.001
MarijuanaCart - Blackberry - 0.5 g$25.002
MarijuanaCart - Pineapple - 0.5 g$25.001
MarijuanaCart - Strawberry - 0.5 g$25.001
MarijuanaSativa Mix BHO 1g$20.0027
MarijuanaCookie Jar Mix$20.001
MarijuanaRR - POP - GGlue #4 - 03.5 Gram$20.008
ParaphernaliaEO Vape Sleeks- Chrome Battery$20.0017EO Vape Sleeks
MarijuanaVelvet Kiss 50/10 Tincture$18.006
MarijuanaUtopia WATERMELON KIWI 100mg$30.003
MarijuanaGhost Train Haze - 1g$30.001
MarijuanaBlue City Diesel 5g Pack Joints$20.0061
Marijuana50 Dollar Bill 5g Pack Joints$20.0058
MarijuanaPeanut Butter Cup CBD 2pk$22.007
MarijuanaPumpkin Spice Latte 10pk$30.008
MarijuanaHonu THC Snow (I) 0.5g 2PK$5.001
MarijuanaPHO Sugar Wax - True OG Kush (H) 1g$25.0029
MarijuanaDo-si-dos Distillate Cartridge 1g$30.005
MarijuanaChocolope Distillate Cartridge 1g$30.003
Paraphernaliaario vape contour 3 purple$35.002
Paraphernaliaario vape contour 3 black$35.001
Paraphernaliaario vape contour 3 silver$35.002
Paraphernaliaario vape contour 3 gold$35.001
Paraphernaliaario vape contour 3 crimson$35.002
Paraphernaliaario vape wax stick$12.005
Paraphernaliaario vape batteries$20.0010
Paraphernaliaario vape cartridge battery$15.0010
Paraphernaliaario vape pocket adventure kit$50.001
MarijuanaApe Tape Joint 0.5g - 05 Pack$15.0026
MarijuanaFrankenstein Joint 0.5g - 05 Pack$15.0035
MarijuanaFruit Punch Joint 0.5g - 05 Pack$15.0027
MarijuanaRemedy Joint 0.5g - 05 Pack$15.0034
MarijuanaRomulan Joint 0.5g - 05 Pack$15.001
MarijuanaTutankhamon Joint 0.5g - 05 Pack$15.0028
MarijuanaFace Off OG 3.5g , PP$40.0010
MarijuanaSour Blue Glue Prerolls 1g, PP$6.0042
MarijuanaBubba's Gift Hiterp Sugar 1g, PP$30.001
MarijuanaTropicanna Cookies Bong Buddies 2g, PP$20.001
MarijuanaAnimal Mask- 1g.- Legit Gold$12.001Indica HybridCANNA PROCESSINGAnimal Mask
Marijuana PRE-R GREEN CRACK 5G,5PK$20.001
MarijuanaJuicy Alien P3 3.5g$10.002
MarijuanaBlue Magoo 3.5g$10.001
MarijuanaPineapple Express 1g Cowgirls Extract$25.003
MarijuanaPink Lemonade Flower - 7g$55.001
MarijuanaDark Star LR Icing$36.001
MarijuanaHaterade 3.5g$40.009
Paraphernaliaglass bowl insert$5.0015
MarijuanaBubba's Gift Bubbas Gift Sugar 1g VF$50.005
MarijuanaTropicana Wife #2 Pax Pod$45.001
MarijuanaStrawberry Glue - 1/8oz$40.0020
MarijuanaCart - Sugar Cookie - 0.5$25.001
MarijuanaCart - Sativa - Durban Poison - 0.5$25.001
MarijuanaChronic Fruit Stripes 1g, loaded$5.00328
MarijuanaSnoops Dream 1g, loaded$5.00332
MarijuanaBlue City Diesel 1g- Hearbs Oil$12.001HybridMY WEED BUNNYBlue City Diesel
MarijuanaFruit Punch Purp 1g Herb's Oil$12.002HybridMY WEED BUNNYFruit Punch
MarijuanaAgent Orange Flower Usable Marijuana - 1g$8.006
MarijuanaKosher Glue Flower Sample 1g$8.0015
MarijuanaPhantom Cookies Flower Usable Marijuana - 1g$8.003
MarijuanaOG Chem *LR* Icing 1g$36.001
MarijuanaGrunk 3.5g, PP$37.006
MarijuanaPlatinum Line Prerolls 1g [ Haterade, PP$7.001
MarijuanaBlueberry BHO Crumble Bucket 1g$15.001
MarijuanaAC/DC Cinex Blend 3pk$9.0038
MarijuanaAcapulco Gold 1g$5.0010
MarijuanaACDC-Cinex Blend 5pk$15.0033
MarijuanaWhere's My Bike? 1g$5.001
MarijuanaAC/DC Cinex Blend 1g Smokes$6.0027
MarijuanaAcapulco Gold/Dutch Treat #5 .5g 2pk$10.0011
MarijuanaGrapefruit HTFSE Cartridge 0.5g$30.003
Paraphernaliatechno torch$5.0010
MarijuanaAC/DC 3.5g$37.007
MarijuanaOG Chem *LR* Shatter 1g$25.001
MarijuanaDutch Treat Mix Infused - .75g$10.006
MarijuanaLazy Bee - EVFO Raw CO2 Tanker - Albino Kush - 01g$45.001
MarijuanaLazy Bee - Flower - Tesla Tower - 01g$11.004
MarijuanaLazy Bee - Flower - Tesla Tower - 03.5g$35.0010
MarijuanaLazy Bee - Flower - Jack of Spades - 01g$11.003
MarijuanaLazy Bee - Flower - Jack of Spades - 03.5g$35.001
MarijuanaCornbread Bubba - 1g$10.0016
MarijuanaCornbread Bubba-3.5g$30.007
MarijuanaAgent Orange BHO Live Crumble Bucket 1g$25.0013
MarijuanaJack the Ripper Live Wax Bucket 1g$25.0021
MarijuanaPurple Kush BHO Live Wax Bucket 1g$25.0045
Marijuanamixed strain hybrid 1g$3.00398
MarijuanaGelato Distillate Cartridge 1g$33.0022HybridGelato
MarijuanaDistillate Cartridge 1g - Purple Punch$33.0021IndicaPurple Punch
MarijuanaDistillate Cartridge 1g - Blue Dream$30.001Sativa HybridBlue Dream
MarijuanaYoda OG BHO Cartridge 1g$20.0055
MarijuanaStar Pebbles Prerolls 1g$6.0029
MarijuanaLemon Sour Diesel 1 Gram Cone$5.00330
MarijuanaEasy Flo 1 Gram Flower$7.0016
MarijuanaEasy Flo 28 G$200.001
MarijuanaLemon Sour Diesel 28g$200.005
MarijuanaOG Kush Crumble Extract - 1g, koulee kush$12.001
MarijuanaTres Dawg 1g, AGA$10.001
MarijuanaSherbet 1g, AGA$10.001
MarijuanaZittles Distillate Cartridge 1g$30.001
MarijuanaRaw Distilled Distillate Cartridge 1g - Double Tangie Banana$30.0019
MarijuanaRaw Distilled Distillate Cartridge 1g - Purple Punch (Indica)$30.002
MarijuanaRaw Distilled Distillate Cartridge 1g - Apple Jacks (Hybrid)$30.002
MarijuanaMochi 3.5g$10.001
MarijuanaDutchberry 1g Wax 1 g$25.001
MarijuanaGorilla Glue #4 - 1 Gram Flower 1 g$7.001
MarijuanaPax Pod - Tropicana Cookies *LR* 0.5g PP$50.003
MarijuanaStrawberry Guava #2 - Usable Marijuana - 3.5g$37.006
MarijuanaMarijuana Extract for Inhalation (Sugar) Washington Glue - 1g$20.006
MarijuanaCookie Wreck Kief - 1g$16.0022
MarijuanaJack Wreck Loose Kief - 1g$16.0018
MarijuanaCC - Cart - Pineapple - 1.0 gram$45.001
Marijuana1 Gram GG4 1 g$10.0013
Marijuana3.5 Gram GG4$30.004
MarijuanaChemDawg 1 g$10.006
MarijuanaChemDawg 3.5 g$30.001
MarijuanaBruce Banner 3 1 g$10.0017
MarijuanaBruce Banner 3 3.5 g$30.004
MarijuanaEl Chapo Pre-Roll (10) 5 g$30.002
MarijuanaTony Montana Pre-Roll (10) 5 g$30.001
MarijuanaWhite Tahoe Cookies Pre-Roll (10) 5 g$30.001
MarijuanaMixed Wild Side Blackberry Lemonade 17 oz$30.002
MarijuanaMixed CBD Wild Side Lemon Ginger Bliss 17 oz$30.008
MarijuanaKush + Cream Usable Marijuana - Usable Marijuana 2.000g$10.002
MarijuanaAlpenglow Usable Marijuana - Usable Marijuana 2.000g$10.0013
MarijuanaMixed Pax Pod - Southern Lights *LR* 0.5g - Dabstract$50.003HybridPHAT N STICKYSouthern Light
MarijuanaGreen Dragon Marijuana Extract for Inhalation - BHO 1.000g$10.001
MarijuanaBaked Girl Scout Cookie Marijuana Extract for Inhalation - BHO 1.000g$10.001
MarijuanaMixed Marijuana Extract for Inhalation - BHO 1.000g$10.00311
MarijuanaPurple Frank Dawg BHO Live Wax Bucket 1g$15.003
MarijuanaObama Kush BHO Live Resin Wax Bucket 1g$15.0048
Paraphernaliaweed logo bong$40.001
ParaphernaliaGemini Sherlock with honeycomb design$40.001
MarijuanaGreen Crack B Grade Flower Usable Marijuana - 14g$75.0019
MarijuanaPrism #1 B Grade Flower Usable Marijuana - 14g$75.0014
MarijuanaStrawberry Mamba B Grade Flower Usable Marijuana - 14g$75.0020
MarijuanaMixed Firecracker - Infused Preroll Haterade Grapeness 1g$9.005
MarijuanaChunk Berry 1g Herb's Oil Extract for inhalation (1g)$12.004
MarijuanaBlue Dream Gems N' Juice 1g PP$36.003Sativa HybridPHAT N STICKYBlue Dream
MarijuanaRomulan 3.5g- PP$37.0016IndicaGrow Op FarmsRomulan
MarijuanaAlaskan Thunder Storm - Szweet Inzanity Mix Infused - .75g$12.0020HybridCANNA PROCESSINGAlaskan Thunder Fuck
MarijuanaBlue Dream Gold -Mandarin Dreams Mix Infused - .75g$12.0015Sativa HybridCANNA PROCESSINGBlue dream-
MarijuanaBlueberry Hash Plant Gold - Blueberry Glue - Citral Glue Mix Infused - .75g$12.001Indica HybridCANNA PROCESSINGBlueberry Hashplant
MarijuanaGlue #4 Gold - Orange Glue - Mandarin Dreams Mix Infused - .75g$12.001HybridCANNA PROCESSINGOrange glue
MarijuanaHippie Chicken Silver - Hippie Chicken Mix Infused - .75g$10.0017HybridCANNA PROCESSINGHippie
MarijuanaGG#4 - 1/2 oz. 14 g - Sunshine Farming$140.001Sativa HybridSunshine FarmingGG#4
MarijuanaThe Doctor - 1/8oz 3.55 g - Sunshine Farms$30.003HybridSunshine FarmingThe Doctor
MarijuanaThe Doctor - 1g- Sunshine Farming$10.008Indica HybridSunshine FarmingDoctor Who
MarijuanaBlue Dream 1g Wax$25.006
MarijuanaPurple Punch 1g, artizen$12.0040
MarijuanaBlueberry Cheesecake Flower Usable Marijuana - 28g$100.0016
MarijuanaBubble Gum Bong Budz Usable Marijuana - 28g$75.0014
MarijuanaHuckleberry Kush Bong Budz Usable Marijuana - 28g$75.0014
MarijuanaLA Cheeze Flower Usable Marijuana - 28g$100.0013
MarijuanaAgent Orange BHO Live Wax Bucket 1g$20.0020
MarijuanaNordle BHO Live Wax Bucket 1g$20.0020
MarijuanaRudeBoi OG Terp Sauce 1g$36.0012
MarijuanaCheesewreck BHO Wax Bucket 1g$36.005
MarijuanaLSD BHO Live Resin Wax Bucket - 1g$36.0011
MarijuanaLove Stain #4 Live Resin Frosting 1g - The Glue$20.0011
MarijuanaSkunk #1 BHO Live Wax Bucket 1g$20.0018
MarijuanaUltimate Purple Diamonds Bucket 1g$36.002
MarijuanaGG 4 Hash Infused Pre-Rolls 1g$5.00539
MarijuanaGolden Lemons Prerolls 1g PP$6.001Sativa HybridGrow Op FarmsGolden lemons
MarijuanaNightmare Cookies Prerolls 1g PP$6.0010Indica HybridGrow Op FarmsNightmare Cookies
MarijuanaDragon Crack Icing 1g - PP$36.003HybridPHAT N STICKYDragon Crack
MarijuanaBaked Girl Scout Cookie - BHO 1.000g$10.002
MarijuanaGreen Ribbon BX - BHO 1.000g$10.00145
MarijuanaFlorida Lemons- BHO 1.000g$10.0098
ParaphernaliaKush Herbal wraps$2.0025
ParaphernaliaKush herbal Cones$2.0015
ParaphernaliaRS Rolls$3.0010
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge - Double Rainbow 1g$40.0011HybridLoaded SodaDouble Rainbow
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge - Lemon 1g$40.0022HybridLoaded SodaLemon
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge - Peach 1g$40.0016HybridLoaded SodaPeach
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge - Pina Colada- 1g$40.0020HybridLoaded SodaPina Colada
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge - Pineapple - 1g$40.0022HybridLoaded Sodapineapple
MarijuanaBlue Cinex$10.007
MarijuanaEwok Pre-roll$8.0017
MarijuanaPineapple Express Pre-roll$8.0015
MarijuanaWalker Kush Pre-roll$8.0019
MarijuanaSurprise Party 1g wax$20.001
MarijuanaCherry Gorilla 3.5g POP$20.007
MarijuanaMedi Haze 3.5g POP$20.0039
MarijuanaSour Pineapple Orange$25.009
MarijuanaSour Raspberry Lemonade$25.006
MarijuanaStrawberry Banana$45.006
MarijuanaPiña Colada 1g Syringe$45.009
MarijuanaDutch Treat 1g Syringe$45.003
MarijuanaDo-Si-Dos 1g Syringe$45.004
MarijuanaSweet Mint Cookies 1g Syringe$45.006
MarijuanaNorthern Lights 1g cartridge$30.0013
MarijuanaApricot Octane PAX Pod- 0.5g.- PP$50.001HybridPHAT N STICKYApricot Octane
Marijuana Mixed Firecracker - Infused Preroll OG Chem Pear Herer 1g$9.0014HybridGrow Op FarmsOg Chem
MarijuanaAlien Asshat Joint Single - .5g$6.0050HybridSKY HIGH GARDENSAlien AssHat
MarijuanaAlien Asshat 4pk Joint - 2.5g$20.0015HybridSKY HIGH GARDENSAlien AssHat
MarijuanaAnimal Crackers Joint Single - .5g$6.0050Indica HybridSKY HIGH GARDENSAnimal Crackers
MarijuanaAnimal Crackers 4pk Joint - 2.5g$20.0014Indica HybridSKY HIGH GARDENSAnimal Crackers
MarijuanaPineapple Chunk Joint Single - .5g$6.0048HybridSKY HIGH GARDENSPineapple Chunk
MarijuanaPineapple Chunk 4pk Joints - 2.5g$20.0014HybridSKY HIGH GARDENSPineapple Chunk
MarijuanaCookies & Cream DL Flower 14g$40.0011
MarijuanaCookies & Cream DL Flower 28g$60.003
MarijuanaGlue Berries Sugar 1g$20.001
MarijuanaCashy's Honey - 1/8$30.0013
MarijuanaRare Darkness - .5g 2 Pack$6.0016
MarijuanaMixed RSO Shatter - Sour Animal - 1g$30.0012
MarijuanaMixed RSO Shatter - Ice Cream Cake - 1g$30.0015
MarijuanaMixed RSO Shatter - Ghost Train Haze - 1g$30.0019
MarijuanaMixed RSO Shatter - Black Cherry Soda - 1g$30.0015
MarijuanaBlue Bird Marijuana Extract for Inhalation - BHO 1.000g$10.0026
MarijuanaDutch Treat Marijuana Extract for Inhalation - BHO 1.000g$10.0098
MarijuanaHitt Girl *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g - Phat N Sticky$36.006HybridPHAT N STICKYHitt Girl
MarijuanaFirecracker - Infused Preroll Golden Lemon Haze 1g$9.0027Sativa HybridGrow Op FarmsGolden lemons
ParaphernaliaPen Torch Lighter$12.0012
ParaphernaliaGun Torch Lighter$9.0015
ParaphernaliaSilicone Nectar Collector$45.002
ParaphernaliaHeart Shaped Silicone Dab Container$10.0015
ParaphernaliaSmall Silicone Dab Container$5.0020