Here in Uncle Ando’s Wurld of Weed we take the privilege of providing our customers with their Cannabis needs seriously.  Our entire staff rigorously tests the items we sell to ensure that we are only selling the highest quality products, while delivering the best value and selection in Aberdeen.  While we would never sell anything we wouldn’t consume ourselves, and we think you will enjoy all of our products, we do have some favorites that we can enthusiastically recommend;

  Phat Panda Golden Pineapple

Golden pineapple is a cross between golden goat and pineapple Kush, and is a sativa dominant hybird.  The sweet fruity tropical pineapple aroma that comes from the jar, when opened, is so unique it’s unmistakable.  No pun intended this is the “gold standard” for Sativas in Washington, this stain consistently delivers a energetic, mentality stimulating, and relaxing high, while delivering one of the best flavor profiles and smoothest hits in the game.  Phat Panda has distinguished itself as one of the top producers in the state, and this strain is one of the best examples of why they have risen to the top of industry.

  Sunshine Farms Washington Glue 

This Washington grown combo of Chem’s Sister crossed with Sour Dubb crossed with Chocolate Diesel makes for one of our favorite strains.   Sunshine farms brings this slightly Indica dominant hybrid strain that leaves one in a state of relaxed happiness and total couch lock, as one of its best, and one of our favorites. Its heavily sugar coated presentation makes for a both strongly aromatic bouquet and unmistakable potency high in THC content. While taking flavors from its parent strains it creates something completely unique and unmistakably Washington.  Great tasting strain that packs a punch and boasts a higher CBD content than its Gorilla Glue #4 predecessor for a slightly more balanced high.

  Artizen Dutchberry

This winning combination of DJ Short Blueberry and Dutch Treat, might just be the happiest weed we’ve ever smoked. One of the rare strains whose presentation measures up to the experience of consumption.  The aroma is dominated by the unmistakable Dutch Treat scent which small hints of blueberry.  The smooth rich berry taste is the prelude to an intoxicating, giggly, euphoric high that makes this strain one of our all-time favorites.   Dutchberry took home the 2016 Dope Cup award presented by Dope Magazine.