Centralia Stock

We try to keep the inventory data here up to date.  We apologize in advance if what you’re looking for isn’t here when you come visit.  However, our passionate staff will be happy to recommend something else.

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CategoryNameSell PriceFlower TypeStrainTHC %CBD %Quantity on Hand
MarijuanaPineapple Kush Live Resin Bucket 1g$15.00Sativapineapple kush22.6634.3131
MarijuanaSpace Turtle Wax Bucket 1g$15.00space turtle48.641.01143
MarijuanaJack the Ripper Live Wax Bucket 1g$15.00jack the ripper48.6452
MarijuanaPurple Kush BHO Live Wax Bucket 1g$15.00purple kush56.310.799
MarijuanaNordle BHO Live Wax Bucket 1g$20.00nordle18.7136.7462
MarijuanaLove Stain #4 the glue in Frosting 1g$20.00love stain #485.513
MarijuanaAgent Orange BHO Live Wax Bucket 1g$20.00agent orange67.380.135
MarijuanaGelato Distillate Cartridge 1g$30.00gelato84.450.267
MarijuanaWedding Cake Distillate Cartridge 1g$30.00wedding cake84.450.266
MarijuanaStrawberry Lemon Distillate Cartridge 1g$30.00strawberry lemonade84.450.262
MarijuanaRaw Distilled Distillate Cartridge 1g$30.00double tangie banana84.450.268
MarijuanaRaw Distilled Distillate Cartridge 1g - Northern Lights$30.00northern lights84.450.265
MarijuanaRaw Distilled Distillate Cartridge 1g - Purple Punch$30.00purple punch84.450.262
MarijuanaRaw Distilled Distillate Cartridge 1g - Apple Jacks$30.00apple jack84.450.266
MarijuanaCookies & Cream Flower 3.5g$40.00Hybridcookies and cream21.545
MarijuanaCookies & Cream Flower 1g$12.00Hybridcookies and cream21.5426
MarijuanaPurple Punch Flower 3.5g$40.00Hybridpurple punch19.9529
MarijuanaPurple Punch Flower 1g$12.00Indicapurple punch23.480.0819
MarijuanaDosi Cream Dosicream 1 G$10.0057
MarijuanaDolato Dolato 3.5 G$35.001
MarijuanaAnimal Cookies 1 G$10.0039
MarijuanaAnimal Cookies 3.5 G$35.0017
MarijuanaRude Boi Og Pre-Roll (1)$5.001
MarijuanaDosido #55 Pre-Roll (1)$5.0028
MarijuanaDosi Cream Dosicream 3.5$35.0022
MarijuanaDolato 1 G$10.006
MarijuanaDolato 7 G$70.0011
MarijuanaDolato 28 g$280.003
MarijuanaAnimal Cookies 7 G$70.0010
MarijuanaDosicream 28 G$280.003
MarijuanaDosicream 7 G$70.0011
MarijuanaBlue Dream .5g Cartridge$30.0032
MarijuanaBlue Dream 1g Cartridge$45.0028
MarijuanaDutchberry .5g Cartridge$30.0026
MarijuanaDutchberry 1g Cartridge$45.0023
MarijuanaGalactic Glue .5g Cartridge$30.0021
MarijuanaGalactic Glue 1g Cartridge$45.0010
MarijuanaGrape Ape .5g Cartridge$30.0037
MarijuanaGrape Ape 1g Cartridge$45.0023
MarijuanaLA Confidential .5g$30.008
MarijuanaStar Dawg .5g Cartridge$30.0023
MarijuanaStar Dawg 1g Cartridge$45.0013
MarijuanaBlue Dream 1g CL bag$12.0015
MarijuanaBlue Dream 28g$280.003
MarijuanaBlue Dream 3.5g$38.0018
MarijuanaBlue Dream 7g$70.005
MarijuanaCritical Mass 1g$12.0023
MarijuanaCritical Mass 28g$280.003
MarijuanaCritical Mass 3.5g$38.0012
MarijuanaCritical Mass 7g$70.008
MarijuanaDutchberry 1g$12.0013
MarijuanaDutchberry 28g$280.003
MarijuanaDutchberry 3.5g$38.0035
MarijuanaDutchberry 7g$70.004
MarijuanaGalactic Glue 1g$12.0016
MarijuanaGalactic Glue 28g$280.003
MarijuanaGalactic Glue 3.5g$38.0017
MarijuanaGalactic Glue 7g$70.007
MarijuanaGrape Ape 1g$12.0030
MarijuanaGrape Ape 28g$280.003
MarijuanaGrape Ape 3.5g$38.003
MarijuanaLA Confidential 1g$12.0021
MarijuanaLA Confidential 28g$280.003
MarijuanaLA Confidential 3.5g$38.009
MarijuanaLA Confidential 7g$70.006
MarijuanaStar Dawg 1g$12.0035
MarijuanaStar Dawg 28g$280.003
MarijuanaStar Dawg 3.5g$38.008
MarijuanaStar Dawg 7g$70.008
MarijuanaRude Boi OG Crumble 1 g$20.001
MarijuanaCookies N Cream 1 g , wa best$10.004
MarijuanaCookies N Cream 3.5 g , wa best$30.0010
MarijuanaPamelina 1 g$10.0013
MarijuanaPamelina 3.5 g$30.006
MarijuanaSour Urkle 1 g$10.005
MarijuanaSour Urkle 3.5 g$30.0012
MarijuanaGoji OG 1 g$10.003
MarijuanaGoji OG 3.5 g$30.0012
MarijuanaFlo OG 3.5 g$30.0011
MarijuanaWedding Cake Pre-Roll (2) 1 g$6.001
MarijuanaPamelina Pre-Roll (2) 1 g$6.009
MarijuanaGG4 Pre-Roll (2) 1 g$6.006
MarijuanaHell's Fire Live Resin 1 g$30.0043
MarijuanaPablo Escobar 1 g$10.001
MarijuanaPablo Escobar 3.5 g$30.0014
MarijuanaNookie 3.5 g$30.005
MarijuanaBleating Goat 1 g$10.003
MarijuanaBleating Goat 3.5 g$30.009
MarijuanaTony Montana 3.5 g$30.0011
MarijuanaDogwalker 3.5 g$30.0010
MarijuanaWhite Tahoe Cookies 3.5 g$30.0010
MarijuanaEl Chapo Pre-Roll (4) 2 g$12.001
MarijuanaDurban Poison Pre-Roll (4) 2 g$12.001
MarijuanaPablo Escobar Pre-Roll (4) 2 g$12.001
MarijuanaFLV Flav Pen - Girl Scout Cookies Disposable$25.0010
MarijuanaGG 4 Hash Infused Pre-Rolls$5.00434
Paraphernalialarge glass bong$60.005
Paraphernaliadecal bong$45.005
Paraphernaliamedium glass bong$40.0021
Paraphernaliasmall glass bong$30.007
Paraphernaliabeaker bong$25.002
Paraphernaliasilicone spoon pipe$14.0054
Paraphernaliasmall silicone nectar collector$20.001
Paraphernaliaspoon pipe$15.0021
Marijuana(Shatter) GG#4 - 1g$20.00284
Marijuana(Shatter) Washington Glue - 1g$20.009
MarijuanaCashy's Honey - 1/4 oz. 7 g$65.004
MarijuanaCashy's Honey - 1/8 oz$30.0018
MarijuanaCashy's Honey - 1g$10.0018
MarijuanaChemdawg - .5g 2 Pack$6.0093
MarijuanaChemdawg - 1 oz. 28 g$250.004
MarijuanaChemdawg - 1/4 oz. 7 g$65.008
MarijuanaChemdawg - 1/8 oz.$30.0046
MarijuanaChemdawg - 1g$10.0032
MarijuanaCookie Wreck - 1 oz.$250.003
MarijuanaCookie Wreck - 1/4 oz.$65.006
MarijuanaCookie Wreck - 1/8 oz$30.0034
MarijuanaCookie Wreck - 1g$10.0038
MarijuanaGG#4 - .5g 2 Pack$6.0061
MarijuanaGG#4 - 1 oz$280.0010
MarijuanaGG#4 - 1/4 oz.$70.008
MarijuanaGG#4 - 1/8 oz$35.00162
MarijuanaJack Wreck - 1 oz.$250.003
MarijuanaJack Wreck - 1/4 oz.$65.007
MarijuanaJack Wreck - 1/8 oz.$30.0014
MarijuanaJack Wreck - 1g$10.0020
MarijuanaRare Darkness - .5g 2$6.0033
MarijuanaThe Doctor - 1/4 oz$65.003
MarijuanaThe Doctor - 1/8oz$30.0013
MarijuanaThe Doctor - 1g$10.0013
MarijuanaWashington Glue - .5g 2 Pack$6.0051
MarijuanaWashington Glue - 1 oz.$250.003
MarijuanaAlien Asshat Joint .5g$6.0095
MarijuanaAlien Asshat 1g$12.006
MarijuanaAlien Asshat 4pk$20.0035
MarijuanaAlien Asshat 3.5g$40.007
MarijuanaAnimal Crackers .5g$6.0097
MarijuanaAnimal Crackers 1g$12.008
MarijuanaAnimal Crackers 4pk$20.0021
MarijuanaAnimal Crackers 3.5g$40.006
MarijuanaPineapple Chunk .5g$6.0095
MarijuanaPineapple Chunk 1g$12.006
MarijuanaPineapple Chunk 4pk$20.0020
MarijuanaPineapple Chunk 3.5g$40.0011
MarijuanaDBS Platinum Sorbet *LR* Sugar 1g$36.003
MarijuanaDBS HDF X ASD Blue Fire 5 Sour Blue Fruit *LR* Sugar 1g$36.002
MarijuanaDBS OG Chem Opal Sugar 1g PP$36.002
MarijuanaDBS Wedding Cake *LR* Icing 1g$36.001
MarijuanaDBS Space Dawg *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g AS$36.005
MarijuanaDBS Strawberry Banana *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g$36.001
MarijuanaDBS Pineapple Chunk *LR* 0.5g PP$45.001
MarijuanaDBS Candyland X Animal Cookies *LR* 0.5g PP$45.008
MarijuanaDBS Hawaiian Golden Pineapple *LR* 0.5g PP$45.003
MarijuanaDBS OG Chem *LR* 0.5g PP$45.0014
MarijuanaDBS Strawberry Banana *LR* 0.5g PP$45.008
Marijuanadoc croc Joints 1 g$5.00100
MarijuanaCannatonic 3.5 g$29.0013
MarijuanaCannatonic 1 g$9.006
MarijuanaDutch Treat 3 3.5 g$29.0020
MarijuanaDutch Treat 3 1 g$9.0032
MarijuanaFucking Incredible 3.5 g$29.0017
MarijuanaFucking Incredible 1 g doc croc$9.0026
MarijuanaMarijuana Mix Packaged 1.000g$3.00271
MarijuanaSNF Bruce Banner 28g VF$120.005
MarijuanaSNF Granddaddy Purple 28g VF$120.005
MarijuanaPPD Legend of Nigeria 28g VF$120.005
MarijuanaPPD 5 P's 3.5g$37.0013
MarijuanaPPD Golden Lemons 3.5g$37.004
MarijuanaPPD Golden Pineapple 1g$12.0042
MarijuanaPPD Golden Pineapple 3.5g$37.0053
MarijuanaPPD Golden Pineapple 7g$70.002
MarijuanaPPD Golden Pineapple 14g$140.001
MarijuanaPPD Golden Pineapple 28g$300.003
MarijuanaGrand Daddy Purple 1g$12.0014
MarijuanaPPD Grand Daddy Purple 3.5g Indica$37.0010
MarijuanaPPD Grand Daddy Purple 14g Indica$150.001
MarijuanaPPD Grand Daddy Purple 28g Indica$300.001
MarijuanaPPD OG Chem 1g$12.009
MarijuanaPPD OG Chem 3.5g$37.0027
MarijuanaPPD OG Chem 7g$70.002
MarijuanaPPD OG Chem 14g$150.001
MarijuanaPPD OG Chem 28g$300.002
MarijuanaPPD Orange Zkittlez 3.5g$37.001
MarijuanaPPD Rain Maker 3.5g$37.007
MarijuanaPPD Sour Blue Face 3.5g$37.001
MarijuanaPPD Star Pebbles 3.5g$37.0052
MarijuanaPPD #2 Strawberry Guava 3.5g$37.0013
MarijuanaPPD Animal Mintz Prerolls 1g$6.0016
MarijuanaPPD Bubba's Gift Prerolls 1g$6.0084
MarijuanaPPD Do Si Dos Prerolls 1g$6.0032
MarijuanaPPD Golden Pineapple Prerolls 1g$6.00183
MarijuanaPPD Hawaiian Golden Pineapple Prerolls 1g$6.0062
MarijuanaPPD Icecream Cake Prerolls 1g$6.0012
MarijuanaPPD OG Chem Prerolls 1g$6.0025
MarijuanaPPD Orange Zkittles Prerolls 1g$6.002
MarijuanaPPD #2 Strawberry Guava Prerolls 1g$6.0022
MarijuanaPPD Haterade Prerolls 1g$7.0013
MarijuanaPPD MAC - Platinum Line Prerolls 1g$7.0087
MarijuanaPPD Wedding Cake - Platinum Line Prerolls 1g$7.002
MarijuanaPPD Golden Pineapple Bong Buddies 2g$20.0016
MarijuanaPPD Hawaiian Golden Pineapple Bong Buddies 2g$20.0017
MarijuanaPPD Icecream Cake Bong Buddies 2g$20.001
MarijuanaPPD Motor Breath #15 Bong Buddies 2g$20.0011
MarijuanaPPD OG Chem Bong Buddies 2g$20.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pebbles 1g$40.004
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Blood Orange .5g$25.0022
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Blood Orange 1g$37.0014
MarijuanaPPD Fruit Punch 0.5g$25.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Fruit Punch 1g$37.009
MarijuanaPPD Lime Dream .5g$25.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Lime Dream 1g$37.0015
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Tangie .5g$25.0019
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Tangie 1g$37.0013
MarijuanaPPD Original Glue 0.5g$25.008
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Original Glue 1g$37.009
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Berry White .5g$25.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Berry White 1g$37.0023
MarijuanaPPD GDP .5g$25.0021
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - GDP 1g$37.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Raspberry Skywalker .5g$25.0019
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Raspberry Skywalker 1g$37.0010
MarijuanaPPD Zkittles .5g$25.0021
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Zkittles 1g$37.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Cantaloupe Haze 1g$37.0010
MarijuanaCBD:THC Sour Watermelon - 10 PK-NWCS$36.00Hybrid6
MarijuanaPPD Durban Haze .5g$25.004
MarijuanaPPD Durban Haze 1g$37.0010
MarijuanaPPD Jack Herer .5g$25.0024
MarijuanaPPD Jack Herer 1g$37.0021
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Sour Diesel .5g$25.009
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Sour Diesel 1g$37.007
MarijuanaPPD Tropical Trainwreck .5g$25.009
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Tropical Trainwreck 1g$37.002
MarijuanaPPD Kief - Grand Daddy Purple 1g$20.001
MarijuanaPPD Kief - MAC 1g$20.001
MarijuanaPPD Kief - Wedding Cake$20.001
MarijuanaPPD OG Chem *LR* Sugar 1g$30.0017
MarijuanaPPD Infused Preroll OG Chem Pear Herer 1g$9.0014
MarijuanaPPD Haterade - Platinum Line 3.5g$45.0036
MarijuanaPPD MAC - Platinum Line 3.5g$45.0015
MarijuanaPPD Tropicanna Cookies - Platinum Line 3.5g$45.0024
MarijuanaCBD Sweet and Sour Cherry - 10 PK-nwcs$36.0035
MarijuanaPPD MAC - Platinum Line Bong Buddies 2g$20.0017
MarijuanaPPD Tropicanna Cookies - Platinum Line Bong Buddies 2g$20.002
MarijuanaMarmas CBD - Blue Raspberry - 10 PK-nwcs$36.0035
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pod - Dutch Treat 0.5g$40.009
MarijuanaMarmas - Lemon - 10 PK-nwcs$25.0016
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pod - Passion Fruit 0.5g$40.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pod - Original Glue 0.5g$40.006
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pod - Blueberry Flame 0.5g$40.005
MarijuanaPPD GDP 0.5g Panda Pod$40.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pod - Zkittlez 0.5g$40.009
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pod - Cantaloupe Haze 0.5g$40.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pod - Sour Diesel 0.5g$40.009
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pod - Tropical Trainwreck 0.5g$40.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Blue Raspberry - 10mg$5.008
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Blue Raspberry - 100mg$20.001
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Grape 100mg$20.001
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Green Apple 100mg$20.007
MarijuanaMixed Marmas - Peach - 10 PK$25.0021
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- SOUR Lemon Pothead - 100mg$20.006
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Peach Mango 100mg$20.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Peach Mango 10mg$5.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Strawberry Kiwi 100mg$20.009
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Watermelon 10mg$5.0011
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Watermelon 100mg$20.004
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- SOUR Blue Raspberry 100mg$20.0021
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- SOUR Blue Raspberry 10mg$5.0010
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- SOUR Green Apple 100mg$20.008
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- SOUR Green Apple 10mg$5.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- SOUR Watermelon 10mg$5.007
MarijuanaPanda Candies- SOUR Watermelon 100mg$20.008
MarijuanaPPD CBD Caramel Apple - 100mg$30.002
MarijuanaPPD CBD Panda Candies- Caramel Apple - 10mg$5.002
MarijuanaPPD CBD Panda Candies- Salted Caramel - 10mg$5.001
MarijuanaPPD CBD Panda Candies- Strawberry Kiwi - 10mg$5.005
MarijuanaMixed KN Marmas - Sour Raspberry - 10 PK$25.0031
MarijuanaPPD CBD Panda Candies- Strawberry Kiwi - 100mg$30.003
MarijuanaMixed KN Marmas - Sour Apple - 10 PK$25.0029
MarijuanaMixed KN Marmas - Blue Raspberry - 10 PK$25.0024
MarijuanaPPD CBD Panda Candies- SOUR Watermelon - 10mg$5.002
MarijuanaPPD CBD Panda Candies- SOUR Watermelon - 10:1$30.003
MarijuanaPPD CBD 1:1 Sea Salt Caramel - 100mg$30.0015
MarijuanaPPD CBD 1:1 Sea Salt Caramel - 10mg$5.0020
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Blue Raspberry 10:1$30.002
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Blue Raspberry 10mg$5.002
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies- Sour Watermelon 100mg$30.001
MarijuanaMixed KN Marmas - Sour Watermelon - 10 PK$25.0027
MarijuanaMixed KN Marmas - Sweet and Sour Cherry - 10 PK$25.0023
MarijuanaMixed KN Marmas - Sour Pineapple - 10 PK$25.0020
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies SUGAR FREE- Mint - 10mg$5.003
MarijuanaMixed KN Marmas - Sour Grape - 10 PK$25.0028
MarijuanaPPD Panda Candies SUGAR FREE- Mint - 100mg$20.002
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chocolates- Dark Chocolate - 10mg$5.001
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chocolates- Dark Chocolate - 100mg$25.008
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chocolates- Milk Chocolate - 10mg$5.0027
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chocolates- Milk Chocolate -$25.003
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chocolates- Mint 10mg$5.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chocolates- Mint 100mg$25.002
MarijuanaMixed CC - Syringe - Blackberry - 0.5 gram$25.001
MarijuanaPPD Soft Caramel - Dipped Apple - 10mg$5.0010
MarijuanaMixed CC - Syringe - Blackberry - 1.0 gram$45.003
MarijuanaPPD Soft Caramel - Dipped Apple - 100mg$25.0014
MarijuanaMixed CC - Syringe - Strawberry - 0.5 gram$25.007
MarijuanaMixed CC - Syringe - Strawberry - 1.0 gram$45.009
MarijuanaPPD Original Soft Caramel - 10mg$5.0012
MarijuanaPPD Original Soft Caramel - 100mg$25.0012
MarijuanaPPD Soft Caramel - Sea Salt - 10mg$5.0014
MarijuanaPPD Soft Caramel - Sea Salt - 100mg$25.006
MarijuanaPPD Caramel Sugar 100mg$20.005
MarijuanaPPD Powdered THC- Citrus Sugar 100mg$20.005
MarijuanaPPD Powdered THC- Marshmallow Sugar 100mg$20.005
MarijuanaPPD Plain Sugar 100mg$20.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chews- Banana - 100mg$25.006
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chews- Green Apple - 100mg$25.0010
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chews- Peach Mango 100mg$25.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chews- Watermelon 100mg$25.0010
MarijuanaPPD Panda Chews- Watermelon 10mg$5.002
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Blue Raspberry 10mg$5.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Blue Raspberry 100mg$25.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Green Apple 10mg$5.0011
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Green Apple 100mg$25.003
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Peach Mango - 10mg$5.006
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Peach Mango - 100mg$25.004
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Strawberry Kiwi 10mg$5.004
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Strawberry Kiwi 100mg$25.002
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Watermelon 10mg$5.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Fruit Drops- Watermelon 100mg$25.004
MarijuanaFLV Blueberry Belts - 100mg$25.007
MarijuanaFLV Mango Belts - 100mg$25.004
MarijuanaFLV Rainbow Belts - 100mg$25.003
MarijuanaFLV Strawberry Belts - 100mg$25.006
MarijuanaFLV Blue Raspberry Rings - 100mg$25.003
MarijuanaMixed CC - Syringe - Pineapple - 0.5 gram$25.005
MarijuanaFLV Peach Rings - 100mg$25.0010
MarijuanaMixed CC - Syringe - Pineapple - 1.0 gram$45.009
MarijuanaSour Diesel CC - Syringe - Sativa - Sour Diesel - 1.0 gram$45.0010
MarijuanaFLV Watermelon Rings - 100mg$25.001
MarijuanaFLV CBD 1:1 Mango - Belts 100mg$30.002
MarijuanaPink Cookies CC - Syringe - Indica - Pink Cookies - 1.0 gram$45.004
MarijuanaFLV CBD 1:1 Rainbow - Belts 100mg$30.005
MarijuanaMixed CC - Syringe - Hybrid - Sweet Mint Cookies - 1.0 gram$45.0010
MarijuanaMixed CC - Syringe - Hybrid - Sweet Mint Cookies - 0.5 gram$25.007
MarijuanaYoda OG CC - Cart - Indica - Yoda OG - 0.5 gram$25.0019
MarijuanaFLV CBD 1:1 Strawberry - Belts 100mg$30.003
MarijuanaCC - Cart - Hybrid - Lemon OG Kush - 0.5 gram$25.009
MarijuanaFLV CBD 1:1 Apple Rings - 100mg$30.002
MarijuanaMixed CC - Cart - Hybrid - Gelato - 0.5 gram$25.0038
MarijuanaFLV CBD 1:1 Peach Rings - 100mg$30.004
MarijuanaMixed CC - Cart - Hybrid - Gelato - 1.0 gram$45.009
MarijuanaMixed CC - Cart - Blueberry - 1.0 gram$45.0025
MarijuanaMixed CC - Cart - Blueberry - 0.5 gram$25.0017
MarijuanaMixed CC - Cart - Blackberry - 1.0 gram$45.0010
MarijuanaMixed CC - Cart - Blackberry - 0.5 gram$25.0021
MarijuanaMixed CC - Cart - Tigers Blood - 1.0 gram$45.007
MarijuanaMixed CC - Cart - Pineapple - 1.0 gram$45.0016
MarijuanaMixed CC - Cart - Pineapple - 0.5 gram$25.0019
MarijuanaMixed KN Brownies - Peanut Butter - 10 PK$25.0013
MarijuanaMixed KN Brownies - Ultimate Fudge - 10 PK$25.0011
MarijuanaSweeties PR - PRIV - Sweeties - Single Cone - 1.0g$6.0012
MarijuanaSunset Blue PR - LEG - Blue Sherbert - Single Cone- 1.0g$6.007
MarijuanaPR - PRIV - Breath Mint - Single Cone- 1.0g$6.0019
MarijuanaPR - LEG - Ogre OG - Single Cone - 1.0g$6.0015
MarijuanaBLUE SUGAR COOKIES x Green Crack SIKARILLO: Special Press Marijuana mix (infused) (1g)$30.001
MarijuanaCherry Pez Livity (H) BUBBLE HASH - HYBRID Extract for inhalation (1g)$35.001
MarijuanaG-GLUE #4 BUBBLE HASH - INDICA Extract for inhalation (1g)$35.004
MarijuanaDouble Lemon Cheesecake BUBBLE HASH - SATIVA Extract for inhalation (1g)$35.003
MarijuanaCASCADE CREAM CLASSIC CASCADE CREAM HASHISH Extract for inhalation (1g)$40.008
MarijuanaLEB GOLD CLASSIC LEBANESE GOLD HASHISH Extract for inhalation (1g)$40.001
MarijuanaDeath Star CLASSIC SPECIAL PRESS HASHISH Extract for inhalation (1g)$40.003
MarijuanaCherry Pie CLASSIC CASCADE CREAM HASHISH JOINT Marijuana mix (infused) (1g$15.005
MarijuanaGREEN CRACK CLASSIC LEBANESE GOLD HASHISH JOINT Marijuana mix (infused) (1g)$15.005
MarijuanaPURPS CLASSIC LEBANESE RED HASHISH JOINT Marijuana mix (infused) (1g)$15.001
MarijuanaPINK LEMONADE (H) FRESH AND TASTY - HYBRID Marijuana mix (infused) (1g)$9.001
MarijuanaPURPS FRESH AND TERPY - INDICA Marijuana mix (infused) (1g) WAM412952.IN9IOIB$9.002
MarijuanaDUTCH TREAT SIKARILLO: Cascade Cream Marijuana mix (infused) (1g)$30.009
Paraphernaliacheech and chong hemp papers 1 1/4"$2.0021
Paraphernaliacheech & chong hemp papers King size$2.0046
Paraphernaliacheech and chong rolling papers unbleached$2.0023
ParaphernaliaCheech and chong unbleached king size$2.0048
ParaphernaliaKush wraps-original 2 pouch$2.0025
ParaphernaliaKush wraps- Berries- 2 pouch$2.0022
ParaphernaliaKush wraps Kiwi Strawberry 2 pouch$2.0023
ParaphernaliaKush wraps lemonade 2 pouch$2.0024
ParaphernaliaKush wraps mixed grape 2 pouch$2.0025
ParaphernaliaKush wraps sweet 2 pouch$2.0025
ParaphernaliaKush cone wraps original 2 pouch$2.0015
ParaphernaliaKush cone wraps berries 2 pouch$2.0015
ParaphernaliaKush cone wraps kiwi strawberry 2 pouch$2.007
ParaphernaliaKush cone wraps lemonade 2 pouch$2.0013
ParaphernaliaKush cone wraps mixed grape 2 pouch$2.0012
ParaphernaliaKush cone wraps sweet 2 pouch$2.0012
ParaphernaliaThru mini size papers$2.0023
ParaphernaliaC thru blunt size papers$2.0023
ParaphernaliaJuicy Jays Hemp wraps natural 2pk$2.0025
ParaphernaliaJuicy Jays Hemp wraps black & blueberry$2.0023
ParaphernaliaJuicy Jays Hemp wraps grapes gone wild 2pk$2.0023
ParaphernaliaJuicy Jays Hemp wraps mango papaya twist 2pk$2.0025
ParaphernaliaJuicy Jays Hemp wraps strawberry fields 2pk$2.0021
ParaphernaliaJuicy Jays Hemp wraps tropical passion 2pk$2.0022
ParaphernaliaZiggy Marley unbleached hemp papers 1 1/4"$2.0023
ParaphernaliaZiggy Marley unbleached hemp king size$2.0049
MarijuanaGelato .5g Cartridge$15.0019
MarijuanaDo-si-dos .5g Cartridge$15.0016
MarijuanaStrawberry Lemon Distillate Cartridge .5g$15.0017
MarijuanaRaw Distilled Distillate Cartridge .5g - Blue Dream$15.0015
MarijuanaExtreme Cream BHO Cartridge 1g$20.0015
MarijuanaGrandma Andersons Cookies - 1g$11.0012
MarijuanaGrandma Andersons Cookies - 3.5g$35.008
MarijuanaGrandma Andersons Cookies - 7g$70.003
MarijuanaGrandma Andersons Cookies - 14g$140.002
MarijuanaGrandma Andersons Cookies - 28g$260.001
MarijuanaTesla Tower - 1g$11.0015
MarijuanaTesla Tower - 3.5g$35.0010
MarijuanaTesla Tower - 7g$70.003
MarijuanaTesla Tower - 14g$140.002
MarijuanaTesla Tower - 28g$260.001
MarijuanaJack of Spades - 1g$11.0017
MarijuanaJack of Spades - 3.5g$35.0018
MarijuanaJack of Spades - 7g$70.005
MarijuanaJack of Spades - 14g$140.002
MarijuanaJack of Spades - 28g$260.001
MarijuanaRemedy CBD - 1g$11.0015
MarijuanaRemedy CBD - 3.5g$35.009
MarijuanaRemedy CBD - 7g$70.005
MarijuanaRemedy CBD - 14g$140.002
MarijuanaRemedy CBD - 28g$260.001
MarijuanaGrandma Andersons Cookies - 2 x 0.6g$9.0018
MarijuanaJack of Spades - 2 x 0.6g$9.0023
MarijuanaTesla Tower - 2 x 0.6g$9.0020
MarijuanaVape Cart - Strawberry Diesel - 0.5g$36.008
MarijuanaVape Cart - Albino Kush - 0.5g$36.006
MarijuanaVape Cart - WiFi O.G. - 0.5g$36.006
MarijuanaTanker - WiFi OG - 01g$45.008
MarijuanaTanker - Strawberry Diesel - 01g$45.009
MarijuanaTerp Sugar - Albino Kush - 01g$36.003
MarijuanaTelsa Tower - NoNeck - 01g$45.008
MarijuanaCrumble - Blue Dream - 01g$30.005
MarijuanaSour Animal - 1g$30.0034
MarijuanaIce Cream Cake - 1g$30.0032
MarijuanaGhost Train Haze - 1g$30.0011
MarijuanaBlack Cherry Soda - 1g$30.002
MarijuanaCBD 20:1 Vape Oil Blend .5g cart$36.004
MarijuanaCBD Vape Ratio 5:1$36.007
MarijuanaCBD 10:1 Vape Oil Blend .5g$36.0010
MarijuanaCBD 1:1 Vape Oil Blend .5g cart$36.004
MarijuanaCBD Tincture Ratio 1:1$45.002
MarijuanaCBD Tincture Ratio 5:1$45.003
MarijuanaCBD Tincture Ratio 10:1$45.004
MarijuanaCBD Tincture Ratio 20:1$45.001
MarijuanaCBD Vape Essential Release .5g cart$45.008
MarijuanaCBD Tincture AM Relief 300$55.009
MarijuanaCBD Tincture PM Relief 300$55.004
MarijuanaDay Tripper 1g wax$10.001
MarijuanaDutch Treat 1g wax$10.0046
MarijuanaBuddha's Smile Airo Artisan Series - .5gm$35.0019
MarijuanaMountain Mist Airo Artisan Series - .5gm$35.0021
MarijuanaMystical Melody Airo Artisan Series - .5gm$35.009
MarijuanaNight Rider Airo Artisan Series - .5gm$35.0016
MarijuanaBlack Mamba Airo Artisan Series - .5gm$35.007
MarijuanaOz's Orchard Airo Artisan Series - .5gm$35.0014
MarijuanaSumatran Sunrise Airo Artisan Series - .5gm$35.0019
MarijuanaWhite Tara Flower - White Tara - 1g$10.002
MarijuanaWhite Tara - 3.5g$30.0042
MarijuanaBlackberry Kush - 1g$10.003
MarijuanaBlackberry Kush - 3.5g$30.0035
MarijuanaXJ-13 - 1g$10.0018
MarijuanaXJ-13 - 3.5g$30.0043
MarijuanaSour Patch Boyds Naturals - 1gm preroll$6.0025
MarijuanaWhite Widow Boyds Naturals - 1gm preroll$6.0023
MarijuanaHeadband Boyds Naturals - 1gm preroll$6.0024
MarijuanaBlue Bird Boyds Naturals - 1gm preroll$6.0025
MarijuanaLemon OG Boyds Naturals - 1gm preroll$6.0025
MarijuanaGreen Crack Boyds Naturals - 1gm preroll$6.0023
MarijuanaGorilla Glue #4 Boyds Naturals - 1gm preroll$6.0025
MarijuanaLarry OG Boyds Naturals - 1gm preroll$6.0025
MarijuanaSour Diesel - 1g$10.0015
MarijuanaSour Diesel - 3.5g$30.0033
ParaphernaliaAiro Pro Battery Charcoal$50.0010
ParaphernaliaAiro Pro Battery Indigo$50.0012
MarijuanaPPD Grand Daddy Purple 1g Preroll$6.0035
MarijuanaPPD Sour Blue Fruit 1g Preroll$6.0014
MarijuanaPPD Star Pebbles 1g Preroll$6.0031
MarijuanaPPD Do Si Dos 2g Bong Buddies$20.001
MarijuanaPPD Infused Preroll Tropicana Tangie 1g$9.0028
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge 1g-loaded soda$25.0020
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge .5 - loaded soda$18.0022
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge Lemon 1g - loaded soda$25.0023
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge Lemon .50g - loaded soda$18.0023
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge Peach 1g - loaded soda$25.0017
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge Peach .5g - loaded soda$18.0018
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge Pina Colada 1g - loaded$25.0017
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge Pina Colada .5g - loaded soda$18.0021
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge Pineapple 1g - loaded soda$25.0017
MarijuanaBlueberry Blast Royal Oil Cartridge Pineapple .5g - loaded$18.0022
MarijuanaAfghan Kush One Terp Cart Cinex 0.5g Extract - loaded soda$18.0022
MarijuanaAfghan Kush One Terp Cart Cinex 1g Extract - loaded soda$25.0014
MarijuanaAfghan Kush One Terp Cart Frankenstein OG 0.5g - loaded soda$18.0025
MarijuanaAfghan Kush One Terp Cart Frankenstein OG 1g - loaded soda$25.0020
MarijuanaDr. Feelzgood 100mg - loaded soda$21.0028
MarijuanaGanja Grape 100mg - loaded soda$21.009
MarijuanaGinger Jane 100mg - Loaded Soda$21.0028
MarijuanaKona Kreme 100mg - loaded soda$21.0012
MarijuanaMountain Dank 100mg - loaded soda$21.0014
MarijuanaOrange Kush 100mg - loaded soda$21.0023
MarijuanaToca Cola 100mg - loaded soda$21.0027
MarijuanaMixed Journey 1oz Bottle - green revolution$35.0012
MarijuanaMixed Paradise 1oz Bottle - green revolution$35.0013
MarijuanaMixed Relief 250 1oz Bottle - green revolution$54.005
MarijuanaMixed Kanna Kiss - green revolution$7.009
MarijuanaMixed Serum Indica - green revolution$56.007
MarijuanaMixed Serum Sativa - green revolution$56.009
MarijuanaMixed Serum CBD - green revolution$63.006
MarijuanaMixed Home Baked Sativa - green revolution$40.005
MarijuanaMixed Home Baked Indica - green revolution$40.004
MarijuanaMixed Solace 3 oz - green revolution$57.008
MarijuanaMixed Relief 1000 PM - green revolution$90.005
MarijuanaMixed Relief 1000 AM$90.004
MarijuanaMixed Wild Side Blackberry Lemonade 17 oz - green revolution$33.009
MarijuanaMixed Solace 1 oz - green revolution$24.004
MarijuanaMixed CBD Wild Side Lemon Ginger Bliss 17 oz$33.0011
MarijuanaClemen-Lime Sativa 1g - knights hemplar$9.0041
MarijuanaClemen-Lime Sativa 3.5 g - knights hemplar$30.0018
MarijuanaDr. Who - 1g - knights hemplar$9.0046
MarijuanaDr. Who - 3.5 g - knights hemplar$30.0012
MarijuanaMimosa 1g - knights hemplar$9.0047
MarijuanaMimosa 3.5g - knights hemplar$30.0029
MarijuanaCherry Dream Pie 3.5g - knights hemplar$30.0019
MarijuanaCherry Dream Pie 1g - knights hemplar$9.0046
Paraphernaliapanda battery multi color-grow op$20.0023
ParaphernaliaEyce Silicone oil rig V2$30.002
ParaphernaliaEyce silicone beaker water pipe$60.001
ParaphernaliaArio grinder$15.001
ParaphernaliaDanks-Hemp wraps Russian Cream-$2.0021
ParaphernaliaDanks hemp wraps berry$2.0020
ParaphernaliaBrass screens$1.00140
Paraphernaliacolored mini oil rig$50.002
ParaphernaliaMini Oil Rig Fumed$50.001
ParaphernaliaEO Sleek Vape Pen$20.00211
ParaphernaliaSili and glass water pipe$100.002
Paraphernaliasili skull water pipe$75.002
Paraphernaliasili with glass rig$40.001
Paraphernaliasili gun water pipe$45.002
Paraphernaliasili barrel rig$40.002
Paraphernaliamini sili water pipe$30.001
Paraphernaliasili nector collector$40.003
Paraphernaliamicro glass nector collector$20.001
Paraphernaliasili pipe$14.0017
Paraphernaliasili mini nector collector$20.0010
Paraphernaliasili puk pipe$20.005
Paraphernaliasili cover glass pipe$25.002
Paraphernaliasili character pipe$10.001
Paraphernaliadab tool standard$5.0033
MarijuanaDutch Fire- 3.5g - Gold Coast$15.00HybridDutch Fire100
MarijuanaAlpenglow - 1g - Gold Coast$5.00Indica HybridAlpenglow48
MarijuanaAlpenglow - 3.5g - Gold Coast$15.00Indica HybridAlpenglow41
MarijuanaKGB - 1g - Gold Coast$5.00HybridKGB48
MarijuanaKGB - 3.5g - Gold Coast$15.00HybridKGB51
MarijuanaDutch Fire - 1g - Gold Coast$5.00HybridDutch Fire199
Paraphernalia510 battery$10.0085
Paraphernalia510 charger$2.0096
Paraphernaliacig pipe$3.0069
Paraphernaliasilicone kolt bong$40.005
MarijuanaLemon Sour Diesel 28g$170.006
MarijuanaLemon Sour Diesel 7g$45.0017
MarijuanaLemon Sour Diesel 3.5g$25.0089
MarijuanaLemon Sour Diesel 1g$7.00145
MarijuanaLemon Sour Diesel Preroll 1g$5.00115
MarijuanaEasy Flo 28g$170.007
MarijuanaEasy Flo 7g$45.0013
MarijuanaEasy Flo 3.5g$25.0090
MarijuanaEasy Flo 1g$7.00144
MarijuanaGG#4 1g$7.00138
MarijuanaGG#4 3.5g$25.0066
MarijuanaGG #4 7g$45.0015
MarijuanaGG#4 28g$170.006
MarijuanaGG #4 - 1g Preroll$5.00100
MarijuanaEasy Flo 1g Preroll$5.00138
Marijuana9lb Hammer 28g$80.001
MarijuanaBubba Kush 3.5g$12.001
MarijuanaDutch Hawaiian 28g$80.007
MarijuanaGorilla Glue 28g$80.001
MarijuanaGreen Crack 28g$80.007
MarijuanaPurple Diesel 7g$25.002
MarijuanaPurple Diesel 14g$45.001
MarijuanaPurple Diesel 28g$80.006
MarijuanaWA Cookies 28g$80.008
MarijuanaGorilla Glue Shatter Extract - 1g$15.001
MarijuanaPurple Lemon Haze Shatter Extract - 1g$40.002
MarijuanaPurple Lemon Haze Extract - 1g$15.002
MarijuanaBlue Dream Haze 1g$15.001
MarijuanaBlue Magoo 1g$15.0029
MarijuanaStrawberry Cough 3.5g$10.001
MarijuanaPPD Hawaiian Golden Pineapple 1g$12.0012
MarijuanaPPD Hawaiian Golden Pineapple 3.5g$37.0028
MarijuanaPPD Motor Breath #15 3.5g$37.007
MarijuanaPPD P91 3.5g$37.0015
MarijuanaPPD Star Pebbles 1g$12.0015
MarijuanaPPD Sunset Sherbert 1g$12.0014
MarijuanaPPD Sunset Sherbert 3.5g$37.0018
MarijuanaPPD Haterade 1g Preroll$7.0050
MarijuanaPPD P91 Bong Buddies 2g$20.0010
MarijuanaSunset Sherbet Bong Buddies 2g$20.007
MarijuanaPPD MAC 3.5g$45.003
MarijuanaPPD Tropicanna Cookies 3.5g$45.005
MarijuanaPPD Wedding Cake 3.5g$45.002
MarijuanaDBS Raspberry Do Si Do THCa 1g$45.001
MarijuanaDBS Hawaiian Golden Pineapple *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g$36.007
MarijuanaDBS OG Chem *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g$36.009
MarijuanaSugar Wax Relaxing 1g$25.002
MarijuanaJuicy Pomelo 10 PK$30.0010
MarijuanaJuicy Mixed Berry 10 PK$30.007
MarijuanaPeppermint Cup 10 PK$30.006
MarijuanaSalted Caramel Cup 10 PK$30.003
MarijuanaMr Twister Bubblegum 1G$12.0018
MarijuanaMr Twister Cotton Candy 1G$12.0019
MarijuanaMr Twister Green Apple 1G$12.004
MarijuanaMr Twister Strawberry 1G$12.0010
MarijuanaMr Twister Grape 1G$12.006
MarijuanaBlue Dream Base 1g$4.00165
MarijuanaCali Orange Base 1g$4.0019
MarijuanaChronic Fruit Stripes Base 1g$4.00335
MarijuanaCookies and Cream Base 1g$4.002
MarijuanaDutch Treat Base 1g$4.00144
MarijuanaJack Herer Base 1g$4.006
MarijuanaKimbo Kush Base 1g$4.0051
MarijuanaMarmalate Base 1g$4.001
MarijuanaPineapple Super Silver Haze Base 1g$4.0063
MarijuanaSnoops Dream Base 1g$4.00148
MarijuanaSnow Base 1g$4.00192
MarijuanaPPD Tropicanna Cookies Tangie Firecracker 1g$9.006
MarijuanaApocalypto Sugar Wax 1g$20.006
MarijuanaSuper Pink Skunk Sugar Wax Extract 1g$20.005
MarijuanaWhite Apocalypto Sugar Wax Extract 1g$20.0016
MarijuanaDBS 5 P's *LR* 0.5g PP$45.009
MarijuanaDBS GMO *LR* 0.5g PP$45.007
MarijuanaPPD Animal Face 3.5g$37.006
MarijuanaPPD GMO Garlic Cookies Prerolls 1g$6.0080
MarijuanaPPD MAC Mango Firecracker 1g$9.002
ParaphernaliaPax Battery$50.0084
MarijuanaATF .5g Joint 2-Pack$9.002
MarijuanaBlue Dream .5g Joint 2-Pack$9.008
MarijuanaCookies and Cream .5g Joint 2-Pack$9.001
MarijuanaDutchberry .5g Joint 2-Pack$9.009
MarijuanaGalactic Glue .5g Joint 2-Pack$9.0010
MarijuanaGrape Ape .5g Joint 2-Pack$9.008
MarijuanaMinz-Allen Wrench 2g$20.0032
MarijuanaMinz-Huckleberry 2g$20.0027
MarijuanaMinz-Lemonberry 2g$20.0032
MarijuanaMinz-Space Queen 2g$20.0029
MarijuanaStar Dawg .5g Joint 2-Pack$9.0019
MarijuanaG-13 RR - FL - G-13 - 07.0 Gram$60.005
MarijuanaG-13 - RR 01.3 Gram$10.0013
MarijuanaG-13 - RR 4.0 Gram$30.0018
MarijuanaNYPD RR 07.0 Gram$60.004
MarijuanaNYPD RR 04.0 Gram$30.0016
MarijuanaSuper Lemon Kush RR 07.0 Gram$60.005
MarijuanaSuper Lemon Kush RR 01.3 Gram$10.004
MarijuanaSuper Lemon Kush RR 04.0 Gram$30.0014
MarijuanaDistillate Cart RR White Pineapple - 01.0 Gram$45.0023
MarijuanaDistillate Cart RR Strawberry - 01.0 Gram$45.0024
MarijuanaFucking Incredible RR 07.0 Gram$60.004
MarijuanaFucking Incredible RR 01.3 Gram$10.0015
MarijuanaFucking Incredible RR 04.0 Gram$30.0014
MarijuanaExtreme OG RR 01.3 Gram$10.007
MarijuanaExtreme OG RR 04.0 Gram$30.0017
MarijuanaExtreme OG RR 07.0 Gram$60.004
MarijuanaAcapulco Gold 3.5g Landrace - 3.5g$15.0055
MarijuanaBubba's Berries 3.5g Landrace - 3.5g$15.0050
MarijuanaDutch Treat #5 3.5g Landrace - 3.5g$15.0055
MarijuanaWhere's My Bike? Landrace - 3.5g$15.0068
MarijuanaWhere's My Bike? 0.5g 2 Pack Infused Landrace - 1g$10.0094
MarijuanaElevate Cannabis - Purple Punch - 3.5 g$36.0024
MarijuanaElevate Cannabis - Cherry Cream Pie - 3.5g$36.0023
MarijuanaElevate Terp Sauce - Sizzurp - 1 g$30.0012
MarijuanaElevate Terp Sauce - Lemon Cherry Meringue - 1 g$30.0010
MarijuanaElevate Terp Sauce - The Sauce - 1 g$30.0012
MarijuanaElevate Infused Preroll - Gold - Creme Brulee - 1 g$15.0012
MarijuanaElevate Infused Preroll - Gold - Animal Cookies - 1 g$15.007
MarijuanaElevate Infused Preroll - Gold - Acapulco Gold -1g$15.007
MarijuanaElevate Blunt - Purple Punch - 1.5 g$12.009
MarijuanaElevate Blunt - Bruce Banner - 1.5 g$12.009
MarijuanaElevate Blunt - Lemon Meringue #1 - 1.5 g$12.0012
MarijuanaElevate Blunt - Cherry Cream Pie - 1.5 g$12.001
MarijuanaInfused Preroll Elevate Terp - Apple - 1 g$10.0011
MarijuanaInfused Preroll -Elevate Terp - Strawberry - 1 g$10.003
MarijuanaInfused Preroll Elevate Terp - Grape - 1 g$10.004
MarijuanaInfused Preroll Elevate Terp - Blueberry - 1 g$10.008
MarijuanaInfused Preroll Elevate Terp - Pineapple - 1 g$10.0010
MarijuanaInfused Preroll Elevate Terp - Orange - 1$10.0011
MarijuanaInfused Preroll ElevateTerp - Watermelon - 1 g$10.001
MarijuanaInfused Preroll ElevateTerp - Strawberry Banana - 1 g$10.006
MarijuanaElevate Cannabis - Lemon Meringue #1 - 3.5 g$36.0023
MarijuanaElevate Cannabis - Bruce Banner - 3.5 g$36.0023
MarijuanaElevate Sesh Cannabis Prerolls - Bruce Banner - 1 g$4.0017
MarijuanaElevate Sesh Cannabis Prerolls - Grease Monkey - 1 g$4.0017
MarijuanaElevate Sesh Cannabis Prerolls - Lemon Meringue #2 - 1 g$4.0012
MarijuanaElevate Sesh Cannabis Prerolls - Purple Punch - 1 g$4.0011
MarijuanaElevate Terp Sugar - Rude Boi OG - 1 Gram$30.009
MarijuanaElevate Terp Sugar - Bruce Banner - 1 g$30.0014
MarijuanaElevate Terp Sugar - Sour Diesel - 1 Gram$30.0013
MarijuanaMixed Winterlife - Cozy Capsules$21.009
MarijuanaMixed Winterlife - CBD/THC 1:1 Capsules$30.003
MarijuanaMixed Winterlife - Buzzy Capsules$21.006
MarijuanaMixed Winterlife - Orange Indica Tincture$21.009
MarijuanaMixed Winterlife - Peppermint CBD/THC 1:1 Tincture$30.008
MarijuanaMixed Winterlife - Cinnamon Sativa Tincture$21.008
MarijuanaMixed Winterlife - Peppermint Hybrid Tincture$21.0010
MarijuanaGrimmace OG Vapor Cart., .5g Sunset Sherbet $20.0015
MarijuanaGrimmace OG Vapor Cart., .5g White Widow$20.002
MarijuanaBlue Afghani Pre-Rolls 1g$6.0012
MarijuanaMixed Vapor Cart., .5g Blueberry Extract$20.0010
MarijuanaMixed Vapor Cart., 1g Blueberry Extract$35.008
MarijuanaMixed Vapor Cart., 1g Sunset Sherbet$35.005
MarijuanaDJ Short Blueberry Pre-Rolls 1g$6.0014
MarijuanaDutch Treat - 1 oz. 28 g$120.0012
MarijuanaMixed Lavender Flex-All 420 Topical$41.001
MarijuanaG-13 420 Cart Extract - .5g$15.0014
MarijuanaKush 420 Cart Extract - .5g$15.0013
MarijuanaLemon OG 420 Cart Extract - .5g$15.0014
MarijuanaLemon Sour Diesel 420 Cart Extract - .5g$15.0014
MarijuanaMixed Indica 420 Cart - Indica Extract - .5g$15.0015
MarijuanaMixed Sativa 420 Cart Extract - .5g$15.0015
MarijuanaOne Love 420 Cart Extract - .5g$15.0012
ParaphernaliaPen Torch$12.008
ParaphernaliaSmall Torch$9.0014
ParaphernaliaMini Bic$2.0040
ParaphernaliaMedium Silicone Nectar Collector$45.002
ParaphernaliaHeart Shaped Dab Container$10.0015
ParaphernaliaMedium Dab Container$5.0019
MarijuanaDBS GMO *LR* 0.5g$45.009
MarijuanaDBS MAC *LR* 0.5g PP$45.005
MarijuanaDBS Strawberry Zkittlez *LR* 0.5g PP$45.009
MarijuanaDBS Tropicana Cookies *LR* 0.5g PP$45.008
MarijuanaDBS GMO - 0.5g *LR* Oil PP$45.005
MarijuanaDBS MAC *LR* - 0.5g oil PP$45.002
MarijuanaDBS Strawberry Zkittlez - 0.5g *LR* oil PP$45.003
MarijuanaDBS Tropicana Cookies - 0.5g *LR* oil PP$45.005
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain CBD Peanut Butter 10 ct$20.0021
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain CBD Milk Choc 10 ct$20.0017
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain SF CBD Dark Choc 10 ct$24.0022
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain Milk Choc 10 ct$17.0011
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain CBD White Choc 10 ct$20.0020
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain Mixed Dark Choc 10 ct$17.0014
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain SF Dark Choc 10 ct$20.0011
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain CBD Dark 10 ct$20.0014
MarijuanaMemory Loss Tincture: 100ML Balance 1000$90.0012
MarijuanaMemory Loss Tincture: 15ML Balance 10:1$45.0011
MarijuanaMixed Tincture: 15ML Indica Chill Tincture$18.0012
MarijuanaMixed Tincture: 15ML Lifted$18.009
MarijuanaTincture: 15ML Relief Super CBD Tincture$36.007
MarijuanaMixed Bath Salt: Moon Cycle Topical$18.0014
MarijuanaDragon Balm Topical$20.004
MarijuanaRecovery Topical$20.0015
ParaphernaliaMedium Glass Pipe$20.006
Paraphernalia3D Printed Bong$40.002
ParaphernaliaGold Fumed Mini Bong$36.002
ParaphernaliaQuad Perc w/ Banger$40.002
ParaphernaliaMini Banger Hanger w/ Banger$36.003
MarijuanaTangerine 1g$45.0018
MarijuanaSugar Cookie - 1.0 gram$45.0017
MarijuanaSugar Cookie - 0.5 gram$25.0013
MarijuanaStrawberry Banana - 1.0 gram$45.0012
MarijuanaPiña Colada - 1.0 gram$45.0022
MarijuanaOrange Berry Kush - 1.0 gram$45.008
MarijuanaJack Herer - 0.5 gram$25.003
MarijuanaPPD Trophy Wife - Platinum Line 3.5g$45.001
MarijuanaPPD Salted Caramel 10mg$5.005
MarijuanaPanda Chews- Watermelon 100mg$25.006
MarijuanaPhoenix - 9# Hammer Flower 1g$7.0025
MarijuanaPhoenix - 9# Hammer RYO 7g$25.005
MarijuanaPhoenix - AK-47 Flower 1g$7.0026
MarijuanaPhoenix - AK-47 Flower 3.5g$20.001
MarijuanaPhoenix - AK-47 RYO 7g$25.004
MarijuanaPhoenix - Blackberry Kush RYO 7g$25.003
MarijuanaPhoenix - Dawg Walker OG Flower 1g$7.0030
MarijuanaPhoenix - Dawg Walker OG Flower 3.5g$20.009
MarijuanaPhoenix - Dawg Walker OG RYO 7g $25.005
MarijuanaPhoenix - Gods Gift Flower 1g$7.0024
MarijuanaPhoenix - Gods Gift RYO 7g$25.004
MarijuanaPhoenix - OG Kush Flower 1g $7.0056
MarijuanaPhoenix - OG Kush Flower 3.5g$20.0030
MarijuanaPhoenix - OG Kush RYO 7g$25.004
MarijuanaPhoenix - Shiskaberry Flower 1g $7.0028
MarijuanaPhoenix - Shiskaberry Flower 3.5g$20.0010
MarijuanaPhoenix - Shiskaberry RYO 7g$25.004
MarijuanaPhoenix - Skywalker OG Flower 1g$7.0029
MarijuanaPhoenix - Skywalker OG RYO 7g$25.005
MarijuanaPhoenix - The Sauce RYO 7g$25.005
MarijuanaPhoenix - XJ-13 Flower 1g$7.0028
MarijuanaPhoenix - XJ-13 Flower 3.5g $20.0010
MarijuanaPhoenix - XJ-13 RYO 7g$25.004
MarijuanaPhoenix - AK-47 RSO - Sativa Extract$15.0025
MarijuanaPhoenix - CBD Damsel RSO - CBD Extract$30.003
MarijuanaPhoenix - Charlotte's Web RSO - Charlotte's Web Extract$36.0032
MarijuanaPhoenix - Blackberry Kush Milk Choc. Sugar Free 5 pk$14.0010
MarijuanaPhoenix - Blackberry Kush Milk Choc. w/Mint - 50mg 5 pk$14.0010
MarijuanaPhoenix - Blackberry Kush Capsules - Indica 50mg$14.002
MarijuanaPhoenix - Charlotte's Web Dark Choc. w/CBD - 5 pk$18.009
MarijuanaPhoenix - Charlotte's Web Capsules - CBD 5 pk$18.002
MarijuanaPhoenix - Milk Choc. w/Peanut Butter - 50mg 5 pk$14.007
MarijuanaPhoenix - Shiskaberry Milk Chocolate - 50mg 5 pk$14.009
MarijuanaPhoenix - Shiskaberry Dark Chocolate - 50mg 5 pk$14.009
MarijuanaPhoenix - Shiskaberry White Choc. w/Peppermint$14.008
MarijuanaPhoenix - The Sauce Dark Choc. w/Espresso$14.009
MarijuanaPhoenix - The Sauce Capsules - Sativa 50mg$14.004
MarijuanaPhoenix - Yummy Milk Choc. w/Peanut Butter CBD - 5 pk$14.009
MarijuanaPhoenix - Yummy Milk Choc. w/CBD - 5 pk$14.008
MarijuanaPhoenix - Yummy Capsules - CBD 5pk$14.004
MarijuanaDutch Treat - .5g 2 Pack 1 g$6.0060
MarijuanaStrawberry Glue - 1/8oz. 3.55 g$40.0038
MarijuanaStrawberry Glue - 1g$12.0028
MarijuanaThe Head Cheese - 1/8oz. 3.55 g$40.0038
MarijuanaThe Head Cheese - 1g$12.0030
MarijuanaWashington Glue - .5g 2 Pack 1 g$6.0030
MarijuanaWashington Glue - 1/4 oz. 7 g$65.001
MarijuanaWashington Glue - 1/8 oz. 3.55 g$30.0015
MarijuanaWashington Glue - 1g$10.0027
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain - White Horchata 10ct Edible$18.0021
MarijuanaEmerald Mountain - White Raspberry 10ct Edible$18.0014
MarijuanaSunshine 4/20 Agent Orange - 1/4 oz. 7 g$40.003
MarijuanaSunshine 4/20 Agent Orange - 1/8 oz. 3.55 g$20.0080
MarijuanaSunshine 4/20 Chemdawg - 1/8 oz. 3.55 g$20.0058
MarijuanaSunshine 4/20 Cookie Wreck - 1/4 oz. 7 g$40.0026
MarijuanaSunshine 4/20 Rare Darkness - 1/4 oz. 7 g$40.0036
MarijuanaBlue Dream 1g BHO-Alaskan green acrea$10.001
MarijuanaWhite Tahoe Cookies DL BHO Wax Bucket 1g$15.0010
MarijuanaSour Diesel DL BHO Wax Bucket 1g$15.0014
MarijuanaSnow White DL BHO Wax Bucket 1g$15.0041
MarijuanaObama Kush DL BHO Wax Bucket 1g$15.0030
MarijuanaCartridge .5g - Double Tangie Banana$15.0020
MarijuanaCartridge .5g - Agent Orange$15.0023
ParaphernaliaGlass banger$15.0017
ParaphernaliaSeahawks Grinder$25.003
ParaphernaliaDab Nail$30.003
MarijuanaACDC - CO2 - 0.5g$40.0010
MarijuanaCinex Kush - CO2 - 0.5g$40.009
MarijuanaDutch Treat - CO2 - 0.5g$40.0010
MarijuanaRK7 - CO2 - 0.5g$40.009
MarijuanaRK7 - RSO - 01g$40.0014
MarijuanaRoyal ACDC - RSO - 01g$40.009
MarijuanaChunk Norris 1g$9.0013
MarijuanaChunk Norris - Flower - 03.5g$30.0015
MarijuanaChunk Norris - Flower - 07g$55.002
MarijuanaChunk Norris - Flower - 28g$180.002
MarijuanaChunk Norris - PR5$15.0010
MarijuanaCinex Kush - Flower - 01g$9.0013
MarijuanaCinex Kush - Flower - 03.5g$30.0013
MarijuanaCinex Kush - Flower - 07g$55.004
MarijuanaCinex Kush - Flower - 28g$180.002
MarijuanaCinex Kush - PR1$6.0015
MarijuanaCinex Kush - PR2$11.0012
MarijuanaDutch Treat - Flower - 01g$10.0010
MarijuanaDutch Treat - Flower - 03.5g$30.0013
MarijuanaDutch Treat - Flower - 07g$55.003
MarijuanaDutch Treat - Flower - 28g$180.001
MarijuanaDutch Treat - PR1$6.0014
MarijuanaDutch Treat - PR2$11.0015
MarijuanaRK7 - Flower - 01g$10.0013
MarijuanaRK7 - Flower - 03.5g$30.0012
MarijuanaRK7 - Flower - 07g$55.005
MarijuanaRK7 - Flower - 28g$180.002
MarijuanaRK7 - PR1$6.0014
MarijuanaRK7 - PR2$11.0011
MarijuanaRK7 - PR5$15.004
MarijuanaRoyal ACDC - Flower - 01g$10.0013
MarijuanaRoyal ACDC - Flower - 03.5g$30.0014
MarijuanaRoyal ACDC - Flower - 07g$55.005
MarijuanaRoyal ACDC - PR5$15.008
MarijuanaLavender Norris - PR5$15.008
MarijuanaWhere's My Bike - PR5$15.002
MarijuanaBMF RSO Shatter - Super Lemon Haze - 1g$30.0019
MarijuanaBMF RSO Shatter - Dolato - 1g$30.0012
MarijuanaBMF RSO Shatter - Grape Durbs - .5g$18.0020
MarijuanaBMF RSO Shatter - Ghost Train Haze - .5g$18.0017
MarijuanaBMF RSO Shatter - Sour Animal - .5g$18.0024
MarijuanaBMF RSO Shatter - Dolato- .5g$18.0025
MarijuanaBMF RSO Tanker BLUE - Training Day - 1g$30.0019
MarijuanaBMF RSO Tanker GREEN - Liberty OG - 1g$30.0025
MarijuanaBMF RSO Tanker GREEN - Frosted Cherry Cookies - 1g$30.0021
MarijuanaBMF RSO Tanker GREEN - OGKB V2.1 - 1g$30.0023
MarijuanaBMF RSO Tanker BLUE - Sour Sunset Sherbet - 1g$30.0020
MarijuanaBMF RSO Tanker CBD - Canna Tsu - 1g$30.0016
MarijuanaPPD Original Panda Snax 1g$12.009
MarijuanaPPD Original Panda Snax 3.5g$37.0013
MarijuanaPPD Platinum Chem Bong Buddies 2g$20.004
MarijuanaPPD Sherb Cake Bong Buddies 2g$20.0017
MarijuanaPPD Sunset Sherbet Bong Buddies 2g$20.006
MarijuanaPPD Triangle Kush Bong Buddies 2g$20.003
MarijuanaDBS MAC *LR* Icing 1g$36.001
MarijuanaDBS Tropicana Cookies Icing 1g$36.006
MarijuanaDBS Silver Cooks *LR* Sugar 1g$36.003
MarijuanaDBS Strawberry Banana *LR* Sugar 1g$36.001
MarijuanaDBS OG Chem *LR* Opal Sugar 1g$36.007
MarijuanaDBS Golden Pineapple Cartridge 0.5g PP$45.0010
MarijuanaDBS Shaqzilla *LR* 0.5g PP$45.002
MarijuanaDBS Canna Tsu *LR* CBD Sap 1g$45.0012
MarijuanaDonde Esta? Infused Smokes 0.5g 2 Pack$10.0018
MarijuanaDutch Treat #5 Infused Smokes 0.5g 2 Pack$10.0021
MarijuanaEasy Rider Infused Smokes 0.5g 2 Pack$10.0025
MarijuanaWhere's My Bike? Infused Smokes 0.5g 2 Pack$10.0043
MarijuanaFlying Dutchman Infused Smokes 0.5g 2 Pack$10.0023
MarijuanaCrypteen 1g pre-roll$3.001
MarijuanaCrypteen 7g smalls$15.002
MarijuanaForum Cut GSC 7g$15.001
MarijuanaOriginal Thin Mint 7g bag$15.003
MarijuanaSuper Silver Haze BHO 1g$15.006
MarijuanaBIG BLUE SIKARILLO: Lebanese Red Marijuana mix$30.009
MarijuanaDeath Star SIKARILLO: Special Press Marijuana mix ($30.001
MarijuanaDutch Fire 28g-gold coast$60.001
MarijuanaAFGAN KUSH 28G$75.005
MarijuanaBOSS HOG 28G$75.007
MarijuanaBIGFOOT 28G$75.009
MarijuanaDEEP PURPLE 28G$75.007
MarijuanaDIPPING DOTZ 3.5G$25.0035
MarijuanaGG#4 3.5G$25.0033
MarijuanaGEALTO 3.5G$25.0033
MarijuanaSUNSET SHERBET 3.5G$25.0035
MarijuanaSTRAWBERRY DIESEL 3.5G$25.0030
MarijuanaBLOOD DIAMOND 3.5G$25.0021
MarijuanaBLUE COOKIES 3.5G$25.0017
MarijuanaWHITE FIRE 3.5G$25.0033
MarijuanaPRE-R AFGAN KUSH 1G$3.0043
MarijuanaPRE-R BLOOD DIAMOND 1G$3.007
MarijuanaAllen Wrench 1g$25.007
MarijuanaBlue Dream 1g Wax$25.008
MarijuanaGrape Ape 1g Wax$25.003
MarijuanaSpace Queen 1g Wax$25.005
MarijuanaCBD Damsel RSO$30.0020
MarijuanaMixed RSO - Indica Extract - 1g$15.0010
MarijuanaOG Kush RSO - Indica Extract - 1g$15.0024
MarijuanaThe Sauce RSO - Indica Extract - 1g$15.0024
MarijuanaMixed Sativa Topi-Go Topical Topical - 3g$18.0021
MarijuanaPPD Cenex 1g$12.005
MarijuanaPPD Cenex 3.5g$37.003
MarijuanaPPD Golden Cherries 1g$12.002
MarijuanaPPD Papaya Cake 1g$12.006
MarijuanaPPD Papaya Cake 3.5g$37.001
MarijuanaPPD Pina Colada 1g$12.007
MarijuanaPPD Pina Colada 3.5g$37.0024
MarijuanaPPD Pineapple Upsidedown Cake 1g$12.003
MarijuanaPPD Pineapple Upsidedown Cake 3.5g$45.005
MarijuanaPPD White Widow 1g$12.003
MarijuanaPPD White Widow 3.5g$37.006
MarijuanaPPD Chemical Sunset - Platinum Line 3.5g$45.001
MarijuanaPPD Indecent Proposal - Platinum Line 3.5g$45.004
MarijuanaPPD Tropicana Cookies - Platinum Line Prerolls 1g$7.0043
MarijuanaPPD Trophycal Trainwreck Firecracker 1g$9.003
MarijuanaPPD Cantaloupe Haze .5g$25.0018
MarijuanaDBS Purple Punch *LR* Sugar 1g$36.009
MarijuanaDBS Tropicana Cookies Sugar 1g$36.0029
MarijuanaChocolate Chem 3.5g$20.001
MarijuanaAbbey Roads 1 g$25.003
MarijuanaBlack Russian 1 g$25.0025
MarijuanaDr. Who 1 g$25.006
MarijuanaAdak BHO Wax Bucket 1g - Adak (SH)$30.006
MarijuanaPurple Glue BHO Wax Bucket 1g - Purple Glue (IH)$30.009
MarijuanaPurple Punch Flower 2g$20.0016
MarijuanaPurple Punch Flower 7g$50.0010
MarijuanaLime OG Distillate Cartridge 1g$25.002
MarijuanaChocolope Distillate Cartridge 1g$25.004
MarijuanaDo-si-dos Distillate Cartridge .5g - Do-Si-Dos (60/40 IH)$15.005
MarijuanaRaw Distilled Distillate Cartridge 1g - Apple Jacks (70/30 SH$25.0010
MarijuanaAgent Orange Distillate Cartridge .5g - Agent Orange (75/25 IH)$15.0020
MarijuanaBuddha Tahoe OG 1g$15.0034
MarijuanaChocolate Chunk 1g$15.0015
MarijuanaBlue Magoo 3.5g$10.0043
MarijuanaGreen Crack 3.5g, my weed bunny$10.0065
MarijuanaPurple Punch 1 Gram$10.0048
MarijuanaPurple Punch 3.5 G$35.0016
MarijuanaDo-Si-Do Dosido 1 G$10.0049
MarijuanaDo-Si-Do Dosido 3.5 G$35.0023
MarijuanaJellysickle 1 G$10.0049
MarijuanaJellysickle 3.5 G$35.0023
MarijuanaPurple Punch Pre-Roll (1)$5.007
MarijuanaDosi Cream Pre-Roll (1)$5.0025
MarijuanaJelly Sickle Pre-Roll (1)$5.0025
MarijuanaAce of Spades Flower - 1g$8.0028
MarijuanaAce of Spades Flower - 3.5g$24.006
MarijuanaAce of Spades Flower - 7g$45.002
MarijuanaAce of Spades Flower - 14g$90.002
MarijuanaBlue Cheese Bubblegum Flower - 1g$8.0021
MarijuanaBlue Cheese Bubblegum Flower - 7g$45.001
MarijuanaBlue Cheese Bubblegum Flower - 14g$90.003
MarijuanaPink Lemonade Flower - 1g$8.0021
MarijuanaPink Lemonade Flower - 7g$45.003
MarijuanaPink Lemonade Flower - 14g$90.002
MarijuanaPink Lemonade Flower - 28g$170.001
MarijuanaTangerine Cookies Flower - 1g$8.0023
MarijuanaTangerine Cookies Flower - 3.5g$24.0011
MarijuanaTangerine Cookies Flower - 7g$45.004
MarijuanaTangerine Cookies Flower - 14g$45.001
MarijuanaTangerine Cookies Flower - 28g$170.001
MarijuanaApollo-13 Sugar Wax -1g Extract$22.008
MarijuanaGo Time Sugar Wax -1g Extract$22.0019
MarijuanaSalmon River OG Sugar Wax -1g$22.007
MarijuanaDBS Bruce Banner Icing 1g$36.008
MarijuanaDBS Candyland *LR* Sugar 1g$36.003
MarijuanaPPD Gorilla Grapes 3.5g$37.0035
MarijuanaPPD Panda Cookies 3.5g$37.0049
MarijuanaPPD Chemical Sunset - Platinum Line Prerolls 1g$7.0044
MarijuanaGD#2 Vape Cartridge Extract - 1g Sour Alien$38.0014
MarijuanaGD#2 Vape Cartridge Extract - 1g Fruity Pebbles$38.0011
MarijuanaGD#2 Vape Cartridge Extract - 1g Grand Daddy Purp$38.009
MarijuanaLR #1 Vape Cartridge Extract - 1g Super Lemon Haze$38.008
MarijuanaLR #1 Vape Cartridge Extract - 1g Dos Si Dos$38.0012
MarijuanaLR #1 Vape Cartridge Extract - 1g Blueberry Afgoo$38.007
MarijuanaMixed Topical Flow Gel [ Mixed - Marijuana Infused Topicals - 30g$45.0019
MarijuanaCBD Topical Flow Cream [ CBD - Marijuana Infused Topicals - 30g$48.0019
MarijuanaCBD Flow Cream Trial Size [ CBD - Marijuana Infused Topicals - 3.5g$8.0014
MarijuanaCBD Topical Personal O Lube [ Mixed - Marijuana Infused Topicals - 20g$33.004
Marijuana Mixed Tincture Sriracha [ Mixed - Liquid Marijuana Infused Edible - .44oz$26.005
MarijuanaGhost Train Haze Topical: Bath Bomb - Lavender$10.006
MarijuanaGhost Train Haze Topical: Bath Bomb - Hibiscus$10.007
MarijuanaGhost Train Haze Topical: Bath Bomb - Oatmeal Mint$10.008
MarijuanaMixed Topical: Frozen Heat$20.0010
MarijuanaMixed Edible: Peanut Butter Cup Indica 10pk$30.007
MarijuanaMixed Edible: Peanut Butter Cup Indica 2pk$12.0010
MarijuanaMixed Edible: Peanut Butter Cup Sativa 2pk$12.009
MarijuanaMixed Edible: Chocolate Caramel Indica 10pk$30.0010
MarijuanaMixed Edible: Turtle Indica 10pk$30.0010
MarijuanaMixed Edible: Turtle Sativa 10pk$30.0010
MarijuanaMixed Edible: Gimme Sa More! 10pk$30.0010
MarijuanaMixed Edible: Snowball 2pk$12.005
MarijuanaMixed Topical: Body Butter 2oz$25.0010
MarijuanaPPD Candyland 1g$12.0020
MarijuanaPPD Candyland 3.5g$37.0026
MarijuanaPPD Grand Daddy Purple 1g$12.0020
MarijuanaPPD Grand Daddy Purple 3.5g$37.0040
MarijuanaPPD Chemical Sunset - Platinum Line Bong Buddies 2g$20.006
MarijuanaPPD Indecent Proposal - Platinum Line Bong Buddies 2g$20.0012
MarijuanaPPD Panda Snax #17 - Platinum Line Bong Buddies 2g$20.0019
MarijuanaPPD Frosted Cherry Cookies Prerolls 1g$6.0091
MarijuanaPPD Pineapple Upsidedown Cake Prerolls 1g$6.0095
MarijuanaPPD Haterade Grapeness Firecracker 1g$9.0014
MarijuanaPPD Mixed Firecracker - Infused Preroll Hawaiian Golden Pineapple 1g$9.0039
MarijuanaPPD Mixed Firecracker - Infused Preroll Trophy Wife Vanilla 1g$9.0012
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Cookies and Cream .5g$25.0011
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Cookies and Cream 1g$37.0015
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Super Lemon Haze .5g$25.0014
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Super Lemon Haze 1g$37.0013
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Strawberry Cough .5g$25.0010
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Strawberry Cough 1g$37.0010
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Green Crack 0.5g$25.0015
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Green Crack 1g$37.007
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - True OG .5g$25.0014
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - True OG 1g$37.0012
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Creamsicle .5g$25.0015
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Creamsicle 1g$37.0013
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Fire OG .5g$25.0013
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Fire OG 1g$37.0014
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Blackberry .5g$25.0013
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Blackberry 1g$37.0010
MarijuanaPanda Pen - PPD Berry White .5g$37.0015
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - WA Apple .5g$25.009
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - WA Apple 1g$37.0010
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Grapeness .5g$25.0013
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Grapeness 1g$37.0013
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Dutch Treat .5g$25.0015
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Dutch Treat 1g$37.0015
MarijuanaChronic Fruit Stripes Loaded Preroll$3.00493
MarijuanaPineapple Super Silver Haze Loaded Preroll$3.00482
MarijuanaSnoops Dream Loaded Preroll$3.00498
MarijuanaCitrus Sap Refined - Cartridge - 01g$36.008
MarijuanaBerry White Refined - Cartridge - 01g$36.009
MarijuanaAK-47 Refined - Cartridge - 01g$36.0010
MarijuanaGreen Dream Refined - Cartridge - 01g$36.009
MarijuanaBlueberry AK Ultra-Refined - Cartridge - 01g$36.0010
MarijuanaBlue Lights Ultra-Refined - Cartridge - 01g$42.008
MarijuanaGreen Dream Ultra-Refined - Cartridge - 01g$42.0010
MarijuanaSour Diesel Ultra-Refined - Cartridge - 01g$42.0010
MarijuanaSuzy Q CBD Cartridge - 01g$45.005
MarijuanaSweet and Sour Widow CBD Cartridge - 01g$45.004
MarijuanaTrident CBD Cartridge - 01g$45.004
MarijuanaAngel Food Cake LeafWerx Flower - 03.5g$27.004
Marijuana9 Pound Hammer #6 LeafWerx Flower - 03.5g$27.002
MarijuanaSuper Skunk LeafWerx Flower - 03.5g$27.004
MarijuanaLil Blazers - 0.5g Joints x3 (TIN) - Trident$10.007
MarijuanaLil Blazers - 0.5g Joints x3 (TIN) - Chocolate Hashberry$10.003
MarijuanaLil Blazers - 0.5g Joints x3 (TIN) - Purple Urkle [ Purple Urkle$10.004
MarijuanaLil Blazers - 0.5g Joints x3 (TIN) - Sour Diesel$10.002
MarijuanaBig Blazer - 01g Joint - Trident$5.0020
MarijuanaBig Blazer - 01g Joint - Chocolate Hashberry$5.0019
MarijuanaBig Blazer - 01g Joint - Purple Urkle$5.0017
MarijuanaBig Blazer - 01g Joint - Sour Diese$5.0016
MarijuanaCitrus Sap Pax Pods - Ultra-Refined - 0.5g$40.004
MarijuanaBerry White Pax Pods - Ultra-Refined - 0.5g$40.005
MarijuanaBlack Afghani Rose Pax Pods - Ultra-Refined - 0.5g$40.005
MarijuanaCitrus Sap Pax Pods - Refined - 0.5g$35.005
Marijuana9 Pound Hammer #6 Pax Pods - Refined - 0.5g$35.005
MarijuanaAK-47 Pax Pods - Refined - 0.5g$35.005
MarijuanaHoney Melon Ultra-Refined - Cartridge - 01g$40.004
MarijuanaRaspberry Shortcake Ultra-Refined - Cartridge - 01g$40.001
MarijuanaWild Blueberry Ultra-Refined - Cartridge - 01g$40.002
MarijuanaDread Bread Cultivar$12.0048
MarijuanaGas Mask #7 Gold$12.0025
MarijuanaGolden Gage DP Cultivar$12.0073
MarijuanaGrease Monkey Gold$12.0043
MarijuanaGuerilla Glue 4 Gold$12.0050
MarijuanaLemon Glue Gold$12.0050
MarijuanaLemon Meringue Gold$12.0049
MarijuanaPink Prosecco Cultivar$12.0050
MarijuanaTangieland Gold$12.0045
MarijuanaTrue Berry Gold$12.0049
MarijuanaDBS Duh Fyah *LR* Sugar 1g$36.009
MarijuanaDBS Purple Punch x Kush Mints *LR* Sugar 1g$36.007
MarijuanaDBS Animal Mintz *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g$36.007
MarijuanaDBS Panda Snax x Alien Fire *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g$36.009
MarijuanaDBS BUDTENDER PRICED Sour Strawberry Kush - 0.5g PP$20.008
MarijuanaDBS Ray's Lemonade - Blood Orange 25mg$9.001
MarijuanaDBS Ray's Lemonade - Huckleberry 25mg$9.001
MarijuanaDBS Ray's Lemonade - Original 25mg$9.001
MarijuanaDBS Ray's Lemonade - Strawberry 25mg$9.002
MarijuanaDBS Mixed 6/5 Topical Lotion - CBD 10:1 - Eucalyptus 3 oz$54.005
MarijuanaDBS Mixed 6/5 Topical Lotion - CBD 10:1 - Citrus 3 oz$54.005
MarijuanaSNF Blue Magoo SF Sugar 1g$20.001
MarijuanaSNF Buddha Tahoe OG SF Sugar 1g$20.005
MarijuanaSNF Chocolate Chunk SF Sugar 1g$20.004
MarijuanaSNF Pit Bull SF Icing 1g$20.004
MarijuanaSNF OG Chem SF Icing 1g$20.001
MarijuanaPPD Animal Face 1g$12.003
MarijuanaAnimal Face 3.5g$37.0014
MarijuanaPPD Ex Wife 1g$12.001
MarijuanaPPD Ex Wife 3.5g$37.0017
MarijuanaPPD Romulan 1g$12.005
MarijuanaPPD Romulan 3.5g$37.0018
MarijuanaPPD Blue Fire 5 Sour Blue Fruit 1g$12.004
MarijuanaPPD Blue Fire 5 Sour Blue Fruit 3.5g$37.0015
MarijuanaPPD Haterade 7g$90.001
MarijuanaPPD MAC 7g$90.004
MarijuanaPPD Tropicana Cookies 7g$90.002
MarijuanaPPD Grunk Bong Buddies 2g$20.007
MarijuanaPPD Pina Colada Bong Buddies 2g$20.009
MarijuanaPPD Candyland Preroll 1g$6.0022
MarijuanaPPD Canna Tsu Prerolls 1g$6.0024
MarijuanaPPD Papaya Cake Prerolls 1g$6.0015
MarijuanaPPD Romulan Prerolls 1g$6.0020
MarijuanaPPD White Widow Prerolls 1g$6.0017
MarijuanaPPD Infused Preroll Hawaiian Golden Tangie 1g$9.0012
MarijuanaPPD Infused Preroll Pineapple Jack 1g$9.0010
MarijuanaPPD Lime Dream Sticky Frog Syringe 1g$40.009
MarijuanaPPD Rasp Skywalker Sticky Frog Syringe 1g$40.008
MarijuanaPPD Tropical Trainwreck Sticky Frog Syringe 1g$40.008
MarijuanaPPD Caramel Apple - 10mg$5.005
MarijuanaPPD Bluezzz *LR* Cake Batter 1g$25.001
MarijuanaPPD Dream Weaver *LR* Cake Batter 1g$25.002
MarijuanaDBS BUDTENDER PRICED Blueberry Flame - 0.5g$20.008
MarijuanaFLV White Widow 0.30g$25.009
MarijuanaFLV Bubblegum 0.30g$25.0010
MarijuanaFLV Grape Ape 0.30g$25.009
MarijuanaFLV Blue Dream 0.30g$25.009
MarijuanaFLV Train Wreck 0.30g$25.007
MarijuanaPeanut Butter Cup Sativa 10pk$30.0010
MarijuanaChocolate Caramel Sativa 10pk$30.0010
MarijuanaCookie Wreck -1g$20.0022
MarijuanaRoyal Goo Maui Banana - 1g$20.0015
MarijuanaPromo Priced Dutch Treat - 1/8 oz$20.0040
MarijuanaPromo Priced Tres Star - 1/8 oz$20.0039
MarijuanaPromo Priced Washington Glue - 1/8 oz$20.0030
MarijuanaBanana Hammock x Terpwin Station Sugar Wax Extract - 1g$12.004
MarijuanaColin OG Sugar Wax Extract - 1g$18.0021
MarijuanaFruity Pebbles Sugar Wax Extract - 1g$21.0026
MarijuanaJack Herer x Mandarin Sunset Sugar Wax Extract - 1g$12.006
MarijuanaPineapple Express Sugar Wax Extract - 1g$18.0014
MarijuanaTerpwin Station Sugar Wax Extract - 1g$25.0025
MarijuanaDBS White Widow *LR* Shatter 1g$36.005
MarijuanaDBS Maui Wowie x Cherry Pie *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g$36.004
MarijuanaDBS Star Pebbles *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g$36.005
MarijuanaDBS Wedding Cake *LR* Gems N' Juice 1g$36.005
MarijuanaFLV Flav Pen - Peppermint 0.30g Disposable$25.0010
MarijuanaFLV Flav Pen - Golden Apple 0.30g Disposable$25.0010
MarijuanaFLV Flav Pen - Vanilla Kush 0.30g Disposable$25.0010
MarijuanaFLV Flav Pen - Key Lime 0.30g Disposable$25.0010
MarijuanaPreroll Marijuana Mix Packaged 10g$30.0020
MarijuanaPreroll Marijuana Mix Packaged 5g$15.009
MarijuanaSNF Morning Glory SF Sugar 1g$20.008
MarijuanaSNF Sweet Amnesia SF Sugar 1g$20.008
MarijuanaSNF Lemon Sugar Cookies SF Icing 1g$20.009
MarijuanaSNF Wedding Cake SF Icing 1g$20.009
MarijuanaSNF Pineapple Chunk SF Icing 1g$20.008
MarijuanaPPD MAC - Platinum Line 14g$180.001
MarijuanaPPD MAC - Platinum Line 28g$360.001
MarijuanaPPD Candyland Bong Buddies 2g$20.0010
MarijuanaPPD Ex Wife Bong Buddies 2g$20.0010
MarijuanaPPD Golden Cherries Bong Buddies 2g$20.009
MarijuanaPineapple Upsidedown Cake Bong Buddies 2g$20.0010
MarijuanaPPD Firecracker - Infused Preroll Haterade GDP 1g$9.0019
MarijuanaPPD Firecracker - Infused Preroll OG Chem Cantaloupe Haze 1g$9.0019
MarijuanaPPD Firecracker - Infused Preroll P-91 Pear Herer 1g$9.0020
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - GSC 1g$37.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Headband 1g$37.004
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Banana Kush 1g$37.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Grapefruit 1g$37.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Sunset Sherbet 1g$37.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Vanilla Kush 1g$37.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Durban Haze 1g$37.004
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Jack Herer 1g$37.005
MarijuanaPPD Panda Pen - Pear Herer 1g$37.005
MarijuanaPPD Grunk Shatter 1g$25.0010
MarijuanaPPD Hawaiian Golden Pineapple Sugar 1g$25.009